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December 26, 2019


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Joni Pawlikowski

I love this post & agree, buying from a friend operating a business is so much better for the industry! It also feeds your soul, being with others and creating is worth it!
I love your face Dina, I don’t want to see you in AZ tho, I enjoy YOU coming to see me in Dallas!

Jenn Shurkus

🙌🙌🙌 yes, yes and YES! Thank you for posting this! I am now off to share it everywhere! 💕

Cathy Smith

Thanks so much, Dina, for sharing this information. We are so thankful for instructors such as yourself who actively support our local independent brick and mortar stores! Cathy at Simple Pleasures Rubber Stamps & Scrapbooking, Colorado Springs, CO

Lee Hilty, Magnolia's Scrapbook Shop

Thank you! I will be sharing as well!

Andrea Kett

No truer words spoken. Thank you so much Dina. We love the gathering place we have created and all the creative people that come visit us and create with us. It is our happy place! Thank you so much for your support.
~ Andrea and Yvonne, It's All About the....Scrapbook, Dixon, CA

Rhonda Hounshell

I prefer to show independent shops because I want to have continued choice in quality products. Some places sell similar, but inferior products. I also try to shop brands made in the US or UK. Now, that becomes difficult at times.
Since I am not always physically able to shop, I go the local shop website or call to place an order. Most independent shops are willing to take an order from a customer. I have done this from crafts to shoes. I am too old/poor vision, to read the fine print exclusions written coupons. Shop locally, think globally.

Dieke Polstra

It's so nice to go to a local store and take that class there.
You meet new people and have some good fun.

And it would be dramatic if all these local stores would disappear......
Í love to go to a real store, online shopping is definately more boring. I'd like to ask questions about products, and see and compare stuff before I buy something.

I'm not a shopowner, but a rubberstampaddict.

Sue W

We are in agreement. I will admit that I too, on rare occasions, bought from an online store. I loved Whim Do Doodle and supported them for over 20 years. Like you, I was sad at when the building was sold and their lease was not renewed. I will miss the friendships I've made, instructors like you, Dyan, Tim and others who came and taught us. Keeping my fingers crossed that Jill finds a new space so we can.

Alison Bevis

Thank you for writing this xx

From a small bricks & mortar store owner in Australia!!

Dawn L

I so totally agree. I work in an independent scrapbook store & feel very blessed to have one where I live. The owner of my store is always getting new things in & tries to have classes for all types of interests. We have also hosted one of your events & Back 2 Back retreats with Dyan. Looking forward to the next one!


I would love to see you write the article on discounts. I say that because I used to think I couldn’t afford to shop at small businesses. Then one time I was in @scrapbooknmemories and I heard Kourtney say that items are marked up in large retail stores so they can offer discounts. So while I was waiting on someone in a store, I decided to go into a popular craft chain store. I wrote down some prices and the coupons being offered and then went to Scrapbooknmemories to compare the prices. The prices at Scrapbooknmemories were the same (no discount or coupon) as the prices in the large retail business with a coupon applied. And I have to add that the service we get in this area from Kourtney, Ken and Scruffy is from the heart.

Cheryl Stone

thanks for this.. years ago when i took a class from you at Ben Franklin in Redmond WA it was the BEST!!! I will always try to support my local businesses.. my Ben Franklin in Monroe WA is exactly like you described as is my love of Creative Memories and their get togethers.. it all feeds the Soul..


The art supplies have a massive markup at the big box stores. The craft and hobby supplies don’t. I guess my philosophical question is, why do we expect a discount? The big boxes and also stores like JC Penney and Kohl’s have transformed our psyche into believing we are always entitled to one. Another thought on big boxes. They can never carry the variety of products an independent can. Nor can they educate consumers. I don’t consider big boxes the devil for independents like discounters online are. 


I would prefer to go to classes where I am learning a technique or a particular card fold. I don’t want to take classes where I am just putting pieces of paper together to make a card. I can do that at home. Special orders at small stores can be tricky. If you order a product just when an order is being placed, fine. If not, I have waited up to six months for a product to arrive only to find that the product had been put on the shelf and sold to another customer. I try to support our local craft stores, but sometimes it just doesn’t work; if the product I want is in stock then I will buy it. I will no longer wait for an order; I’ll just search out an on-line store. Perhaps something could be learned by small local craft stores.


I do think that stores should listen to concerns like yours. Absolutely. 

Kathy Wittlock

I closed in 2010, this week one of the last 2 stores in Alabama is closing-
She will be doing crops and selling at events.
I tried that after closing in 2010 and learned it was a LOT of work, overhead and disappointment.
I have lost touch with crafting along with a bunch of people I thought were my friends, funny thing I may run into them and they say how much they Miss my store?
I now attend Scrapbook Expo a few time a year, look for independent stores when I travel ... In November I found a cute store In Kissmick Mo
, go there if you are in the area ... eat at the Blue Owl and enjoy the town.

Simple Pleasures in Colorado Springs is wonderful I hope to get there in 2020
We need to find a place to share the few treasures we have left , the papercrafter corner tried and is now gone. The few magazines have very few listing because it cost so much to be included in advertising.
I shared in a few groups ... best of luck to you!


As someone who lost their craft store because of the changes in the way people shop now, I’m totally with you on this. We were always there for on hand personal advice and people would then leave quoting an online store they would be buying from. It’s now second nature but it hurt and there was nothing we could say. Please please please support your local stores.


Agree. And I have read several comments on FB that say, “I do support my local store, but....” It almost always boils down to a cheaper price online. It may be cheaper short-term but the long-term cost is so high. 

Karen Silver

As a store owner, I really appreciate this post. I have also previously owned a store that closed as well. I changed my business model (I also have a great retreat space) at great expense to me and my family. I thought I had all my bases covered, but people just don’t shop like they used to. I know lots of crafters are out there though. Please ship local.

Desiree Demali Machicote

Hi Dina! What a great article. I carry a variety of items from Ranger, Prima, and other companies that I know the Big Box companies do not carry because I cannot compete with any of the coupons they throw at customers everyday. Although I purchase only about 4 of an item I use one to teach classes and how to use the products. I have even fallen into the offering a discount idea so that I feel like I am offering a good deal. I am blessed with an amazing group of creative and crafty ladies who attend my weekly classes. I also hold crafty events such as crops and Create & Takes which are difficult to fill-just as you said "I will attend next time." I am very grateful to those who continue to support my crafty dream but I think I need to ask for those social media supports. I love and appreciate you and Dyan for being an inspiration to me. Your work is amazing and I wish you many more crafty years!

Mickey Frederiksen

Being a former co-owner/operator along with my husband of several retail stores, I sympathize with anyone who owns their own business. We suffered when the Big Box stores started appearing on the scene. It really hurt when our suppliers started selling to them because they could sell in bulk. We managed to be Mom and Pop owners for 25 years through thick and thin. When we retired I really concentrated on my crafting. Everything I learned, I learned in a group setting either in a store or at a private home. Some great friendships were initiated and still continue on today. It breaks my heart to watch as the brick and mortars slowly fade away. I'm in my golden years and slowly fading away, too...LOL. But I am happy to be able to remember the good old days and also to be able to craft.


Thank you for sharing this. I’m fortunate to have a retail stamping scrapbooking store near me and try not to take that gift for granted.

Pam Hansen

Well said Dina and Thank you. I so value the shops who have you to teach all the benefits so outweigh saving a a small percentage on line ... I'd sure miss the excitement of taking a road trip or traveling, making art with you, the friendships, the learning and sharing with other like minded creatives and it does feel good to spend in the shops when you actually know or have met the people you are supporting.

Debra Riendeau

Yes! Thank you so much for posting this. As a small independent store I am losing ground every day. I miss the days when people would crowd our store for events and enjoy the interaction with other like minded crafters. Online shopping has taken it's toll. especially now that many manufacturers are selling direct to consumers (with discounts, free gift with purchase and free shipping). People have isolated themselves in their own private craft rooms and no longer get out and socialize. They share ideas through social media and never get to enjoy the excitement of real time collaboration. Nothing beats the energy of live classes and workshops. I love the being in the moment with other artists. I am saddened by what has become of this industry.

Seth Apter

Everything you said. I also see first hand the struggles that many of the independents are dealing with and it feels like many shops are teetering and so very close to closing. In looking back over my teaching venues from just a few years back, many of the shops have already closed. I do believe we can all make a difference and hope that your loyal fans heed the call!

Peggy Jo Ackley

Excellent commentary Dina. After selling my Pink Ink stamp line and teaching colored pencil classes for 6 years, I threw in the towel last year and am now substitute teaching. I met so many wonderful folks across every corner of the USA and miss the crafting community, but I feel fortunate to have experienced a little bit of this wonderful world. Wishing you good luck on whatever the future holds for you.

Carol welbourn

I agree with everything you have all said. Unfortunately in my local store if you go in at the wrong time all that lady does is stay behind the counter on her computer. So although it's a great shop sometimes their services leave a lot to be desired

Cora Johnson

I truly miss our Ben Franklin store that closed a few years ago after a good 20 years in business. The owners were ready to retire and chose not to renew their lease. They went to CHA and always had current papers, new products and a nice selection of stamps. I seldom go to my local scrapbook store. It takes forever for them to get a new line of Ranger products. They have very little in the line of current papers, very few small paper pads. Some of the papers like Basic Grey were made years ago. Not a lot of stamps. They have diversified into various hobbies to stay in business but they don't interest me.

Katie K

This is a great post! We need to support our local brick and mortar stores. They are the heart and soul of the retail community. The money they earn stays in the community supporting jobs, community activities and charities, and the list goes on. Also, a note to retailers: successful retailers train their staff to sell and engage with customers. Also, they turn their inventory at least 3 times a year, preferably 4. That means that they are not married to their inventory. When it is not moving, they mark it down and move it out. No inventory has a birthday (I know that is really hard to embrace, but it is absolutely necessary)! Why are they successful is that they understand that cash is KING! It does not matter whether it is a craft, clothing, gift, home goods, etc store. Yes, I coach retailers for success - but I am NOT seeking business in writing this post. I want to give them a few benchmarks in this post and encourage customer patience. People often open maker stores because they are passionate about the craft. But unfortunately they don't have the retail knowledge to be successful. They are learning as they go!! Please support them while they are figuring out the ever changing complexities of the retail market place. It is so much harder than the average person would ever expect. Be patient and Support LOCAL!!!

Jeanette MacIntosh

Where oh where do we go East side of Toronto? I owned Scrapbook Den in South Africa for 18 beautiful years. HELP!!! I need some therapy


I agree 100%. I have no local stores to shop. I sometimes drive either 34 or 86 miles one way just to see if the stores I'm going to will have the product that I want before I buy online. I'm not always guaranteed that they will. They're bigger stores but not big box stores like Hobby Lobby, Joann's & Michael's. Those stores barely carry any of the manufacturer's products that I want to use. I don't care for their cheap paper. When I'm making a project I want quality products. In order to get quality products, with no local scrapbook stores available to me, I'm forced to shop online. When I shop online I try to shop the small online scrapbook stores instead of buying from Amazon. Twice a year we have events in the summer where we can purchase name brand products that we aren't able to get without buying online. I'd love to take classes locally, but we just don't have that available in my area.

Katie Molina

Wow! Thank You! As a scrapbook store owner, this hits home and is so true! Thank you for sharing this!
owner of Katie's World in Stockton, CA

Lenore Coon

As a scrapbook-er and a "Cropper" I appreciate being able to go to Katie's World in Stockton, CA. and shop and Crop. One gets ideas from the other attendee's at the crops and Katie is more than helpful if I need help with new equipment. If I need anything she is out of or does not carry she is more than willing to order it for me. Shop Locally!!!


Thank you from the owner of a bricks and mortar store in NSW Australia.

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