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August 09, 2019


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Donna Fiorentino

More awesomeness! Can't wait to get my hands on these!!!!

Catherine Carter

OMG!!!!! I need everything! Fabulous new release and everything is fantastic!! Excited !!!!!!!

pam hansen

I need it all, love everything. You are the bomb Dina! Thank you for making these for us.


Yay!! So excited to see your new pretties! I can hardly wait to play with them!!

logan wilhelm

Great collection, love it all!

Dara Hale

Amazing summer release Dina!!!! Love the stamp imagery and always a super fan for the stencils and collage elements!

Gay Peplow

Simply excellent, cannot wait till they reach our shores, Love your samples, gay abandon! Yeah I know it’s not but I like the idea that it could be 👏🏼😊 x

Gay Peplow

Ooops that’s not my blog, it’s here
That’s me 😆😆

Julie G

Awesome release!! Can't wait to meet you next week!!

Caroline Duncan

Wow, everything is fantastic!! So happy you design cool stuff for us to play with!!!!!

Rosann Barnes

Oh I so love the new stamps Refuse to Be Ordinary, Stronger, Spill ... LOVE it !!; and the collage words ... so me ... OMG AND collage paper!!! Great release ... I think I NEED a job hahaha ... I want it ALL! Congratulations on such an awesome release :)

Cathy P

So awesome! Great stamps and papers! I love your pages too!
Time for another class!


Amazing! I am so happy for new Collage Words AND plain tissue paper. Plus de new stencils. Congrats on this new release <3

Bev Hill

Beautiful new release Dina! I can’t wait to get my hands on it all!

Linda Kunsman

Wowza-what a brilliant collection of new products!!! I so love your style and other products as well as your online classes, and your media Journal is just TDF- love the assortment of pages- all of them! So, I guess it's time for me to decide what I must have here first, and then slowly cross off my wish list:):) Fantastic sample art too!

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