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April 26, 2019


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Catherine Carter

WOW!!!!! I need !!! They are going to be so useful and just love what you have done with them !!!


Can’t wait to get my hands on these. Hope they arrive soon in the Netherlands.

Julie Forest

I'm in love with set 3!! Can't wait to get mine!!

Barbara Albrecht

HUZZAAH!!! I’m really excited about the new Scribble Sitcks! I NEED them!! Congratulations on this new set!!😻❤️

Rosann Barnes

Pretty pastel colors ... I'm on punishment again ... I MUST have these !!! I love your photo too those colors are beautiful !!

kay pierce

Oh YUM!!! Love them.. and you know how I love scribble sticks!!!!!


I am so excited!!! I can not wait to add this to my Dina collection of which I don't simply collect but use!!!!


Awesome Dina! Can't wait to get my set to play with. Love all the Scribble Sticks!


This is absolutely beautiful!! Those pastels are so dreamy!

Carolyn Herring

Release date? I can’t find them anywhere. Thanks and I hope you are feeling much better. 💛

Sue W.

Hooray and Huzzah! I need these and the new Minerals paints. Maybe today I can get the paints. Going to the Sr. Pete Downtown Market, then to the Doodle! Then, ICE CREAM!!!
Hope you're mending nicely.

pam hansen

Huzzaah, Fantastic and yea haw! Can't wait to get these!

Jenn White

Dreamy lovely art Dina! I love the shading & your ability to leave white space.☆♡ ♡I am so over the moon happy about these NEW Scribble Sticks lovlies! When my girls asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day these & your new paint colours & new tubes of your Sterling, Gilt, White & Black paint is what I told them I wanted so I am wishing & hoping! Happy Mother's Day to you Dina! HUGS YOU ARE LOVED!♡

Andrea McLester

Hello! I wanted to compliment you on your “flesh colors”, Dina! I own just about every brand of art crayon there is—Neocolor 2, Gelato, Marabu, Inktense, Windsor & Newton, etc. I have swatched them all and used them both dry and wet. They are all great products, and each one has its thing that it excels at. However, I have to say that yours are my go to for skin!!!!! OMG! They are the bomb! Thank you! Please kee those colors coming—I have all three sets, and I cannot wait for number 4.

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