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June 26, 2018


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Catherine Carter

WOW!!!!! this looks amazing and I cant wait to try it out!!!!
x catherine

Kay Pierce

How awesome is this! Must try!

Sue W.

Coolness! Hoping this will be in your upcoming classes!

Jenn Shurkus

SOOOOOO excited!!!!! Already placed my order ;)

Melinda A

So ready to pour!!!

Barbara Albrecht

Tooooo freaking cooool!! In love with your dirty pour!! Can not wait to try!!!

Yvonne Fay

Wow, looks amazing. Can’t wait to try this!

Cathy Costelle

These products are great. Pouring is something I always wanted to try but I hated the idea of wasting paint. Youve shown us several ways to avoid that. What a wonderful, simpler process and the cell maker, wow!


When are you teaching this as a class? I'm in!!


all preordered and just waiting waiting waiting!!
I am so beyond excited that you have released this line!!

Cathy Parlitsis

CAN'T WAIT to try it!!!

Milagros C Rivera

Love love love the dirty pour OMG!!!! Awesome stuff!!! Can’t wait to play with them

Laurie B

Woohoo! Can’t wait to try this!

Ann Chuang

How cool it is!

connie numbers

So when can we buy these?


Shipping to stores now!


woot! Foil - who knew?!


Isn't it just 100% silicone added to the paint and flow aid that makes the cells in the paint?? What is different about your product??


Silicone creates cells but my product is not silicone. It is specially developed by our ranger chemist. 

Karen Greig

Loving the cells - I am really enjoying pouring!

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