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January 15, 2018


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Wow Dina - so much goodness!!!


I will be blowing my no spend for sure now!!! I love it all. New colors, new stamps, new things oh my!

Lea Ann

I can’t wait!!!

Laura Jane Melohn

Love it all so much.

Ardith Goodwin

Loved, loved, loved seeing your FB LIve show and that large journal and new pigments have me over the moon! Looking forward to using these when they are available!


Yes! to Ocean and Cheddar scribble sticks. The new set is going to be a welcome addition to my table. I love all the new paint colors and the new washi tape looks so fun! Thanks for coming up with some great stuff for us to play with.

ali ridgway

So happy!

Melinda A

Wow! I have to have it all. Sending an email to my local store for preorder in 3... 2... 1...

Melinda Morgan

Love ❤️ EVERYTHING!!! The Weird is Good stencil reminds my of Sara Bareilles’ song King of Everything!!!

Katy Wilson

New scribble stick colors....yipeeeeee!

Sandra Oppenheimer

I am in love and have to have every new product. So excited for new products to create and play with . My head is spinning with all the possibilities I anticipate. Thankyou Dina and Ranger


WOW ! Really excited about the new paints, the printed words, and everything for the journals ! Congrats on all these new products

Mel Copeland

Well let’s just say there goes my Feb budget. Thanks Dina!!!

Catherine Carter

OMG!!! I need need need everything!!! Fabulous new releases Dina and I just so want to start playing with all of these products and have so many ideas racing round my mind already!!! Well done on everything here and just feeling so excited about everything!!
x catherine

Caroline Duncan

Wow-wheeeee! Love it all!

Pam Hansen

I love it all, so glad I told my husband I didn't want anything for Christmas until January when your new came out!! ❤️❤️❤️


OMG!!! I am in love with all of it! So, so happy I'm back into creating, so that I can justify buying it all!!


Swoon! What a great collection.

Cathy Parlitsis

OH, SISTA! You outdid yourself here! I love the new releases! That TAPE!!! Holy Cow! It's soooo Dina! I want them all! Can't wait to have an apron I can wipe my brush on! LOL!

Alison Ridgway

I didn't think you could top last year's release but wow! "Make cool things" is the best quote and will be going on the cover of the huge journal as a daily reminder :-) Hope they let you make huge font tissue next time!

Kathy Gwilt

I am IN LOVE with the new large size media journal! I just got mine on Monday and have already done 5 pages. This new large size is awesome! I'm also loving the sizes of the new gel plates. Great new products! So fun.


Can I just say 2 words: "Empty pockets!" Also having a hard time choosing from your upcoming Texas classes. (When is it ever easy!) See you in Waxahachie!!

Kathy Schmidt

Dina, thanks again for all the new fun colors and products and for teaching a class again in Omaha in winter! It is STILL winter here, so am glad I can add color to my world with the new paints and more scribble sticks. Thanks again!

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