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August 17, 2017


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Caroline Duncan

Your pages and paintings are gorgeous!! I love creating abstract florals and often paint the wild flowers I see around our property. :)

Cassandra DeGrace

Those water lilies are spectacular! Your challenge creations are awe inspiring! Thanks for being such a wonderful inspiration and helping me grow as an artist.

Pattie Hillenberg

Wow....the water lillies are awesome....I just love the art you have done.... colours are amazing....☺

Kathy Cawthon

Beautiful :)


beautiful paintings, love them.

Sue W.

We saw Iris that were ginormous in a bog on our first trip to Japan. Families would go to this bog area and picnic. There was a man who pulled a leaf off of one of the plants and using it as an "instrument" cupped it between his fingers and blew through them and "played" Amazing Grace. I have never heard the song sound as sweet. Still brings tears to my eyes remembering it. Your painted flowers are amazing!

Catherine Carter

Your flower paintings are just looking so fabulous Dina and just love the style you have done them in-they have such life to them-great new challenge too!
x catherine


What if every visitor ripped off a petal? There would be none for other visitors to enjoy. When enjoying nature and public spaces, leave only footprints and take only what you brought in.


We didnt rip it off. It was laying on a leaf near the rail. But thanks for thinking the worst of us. 


Good to know. I responded and apologized by email.

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