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May 30, 2017


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Leslie Ackman

Oh my GOODNESS!! I want to go soooo bad!!! This sounds INCREDIBLE! I will keep it in mind for sure!

Catherine Carter

This would be a dream - I wish!!!!!! Everyone is going to the class of a lifetime here !!!!!!!!

Renee Zarate

Just booked it! Can't wait!!!

Claire Harrison

This would be like a dream come true would need a room mate though think I could swing $ to go.

Tina K

oH MY GOOOODNESS!!! YES I want to come. I just asked my husband if this could be my 50th birthday gift. Is seating limited already?

Lori B

I booked it and I'm bringing my husband. I love the 24/7 access to the art room and having my own table. Can't wait, see you next year!!

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