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March 01, 2017


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These things are awesome. I applied a thick layer of gesso over a couple of pages and used these to make marks in the gesso. Once dry, I covered the page with paint and the change in texture was visible and added a cool effect. I can't wait to try 'em on my gelli plate.


These are definitely on my must have list too! so inspired by the new products and by just putting paint/ink stencil down on paper. I have some Gelli plates from a couple years ago that I have barely used...they need to come out to play with these new tools :)

Sue W.

Love that birdie hat! It was fun using the new Media Tools in class.


Oh I LOVE these!! A must have!


Woot! MUST get these.

Linda K

These are truly a MUST have!! I'll be out looking for them and can't wait to use them on the gelli plate since one must be careful what tools are used on it. Fab tags!!


Love them! They look super awesome. xx

Erin |


Looks like the best thing about these is they must be really easy to clean even after leaving in paint or out of water


I bought these at Runaway Art and Craft's in Salem Or. I didn't know how to use them,but knew if they were your, I was going to like them.

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