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March 15, 2017


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Nancy Johnston

Hope I'm not a real pest, but I'd like to know how they're different from the Caran d'ache watercolor crayons.
Thicker? Same? I'm all for additions to my obsession.


They are similar but not as soft


I am loving my Scribble Sticks! I am still learning how to use them (it's a process) and I'm finding what they have common and how they're different in relation to the other water soluble products that I own. I am so glad I bought these!

Sue W.

Still waiting patiently for Whim So Doodle to get their shipment. They said hopefully this week.

Annette Montis

Do they stay water soluble forever. Is there a way to make your surface water resistant once your done such as spray varnish etc?


You know, it depends on how much pigment you lay down and what your substrate is. I would say  they are semi permanent. 


Thanks for the inspiration!

Nancy Maxwell James

Thank you for sharing about these! I have been wanting to try drawing (part as occupational therapy since my stroke) and they look like a great thing to do just that!

sue k

Yet another thing to add to my wish list. I like the "semi-permanent" possibilities. I love to scribble, so seems like these would be a natural fit. Beautiful products, Dina! :)

Carol P

I can't wait for mine to come in so I can start to play with them! I have one of your new journals on order too!!! ;^)


woot! Thanks.

Karen Bearse

Ok got the sticks got your journal now to play!

Sheryl J

These are so much fun!

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