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February 20, 2017


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Barbara Albrecht

So many options!!! Love your pages!!!


Love your pages!! I can't wait for Clipper Street to get their order in!!


I can't wait to get mine. I pre-ordered but haven't received yet, I am hoping this week! Got all your stamps but one...they said they were on backorder!
your pages are AMAZING as always!!!!

Sue W.

Loved seeing your journal In Real Life! Pictures do not do art justice!


I truly love this journal. It is calling my name.


Loving it


I Love your idea. This will be implemented by me tomorrow :) Really helpful post this is!
Many people want to do it. But for a lag of a proper inspiration or a suggestion they can not !
Great thanks for sharing!

Laban Ndegwa

They look lovely, good creativity.

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