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January 17, 2017


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Annette Dragon

You are going to bankrupt me! Love everything.

Leah Stark

Oh my gosh!! This is awesome...I want it all!! I'm so excited about the journal....what a great idea!!! Congratulations on your new products!! I can't wait to use them!!


Oh Dina! I cannot wait for the new journal!


Oh my goodness my heart is RACING! That journal is AMAZING And I want the Frida stamps and the scribbly girls and those scribbles and the NUMBER stencil!!! I want one of everything please:)

marci piraro

Fabulous! Can't wait! Love that new rosy color, the faces stencil, the faces stamps, the journal...

Travis ArtJournalGuy

I love the introduction of new brushes. I've almost worn out my old Dina Wakley Media brushes so it will be nice to get a new supply of the old ones and also get the ones with the softer bristles. The journal is the one thing I can't wait to get in my hands, although the Scribble Sticks are a close second. I also love the new metallic paint colors. I have a feeling that I'm going to be getting the 1 ounce bottles of my favorite paint colors for easy scribbles on my pages thanks to the bottle tip.
Is there a Dina Wakley Rewards card in the works? :)


Dina, Dina, Dina...wonderful release! Excited to try the new Scribble Sticks and the journal...well shut the front door.

Patricia Dunbar

wow...I am impressed, and soon to be poor LOL...since I need almost everything especially the scribble very exciting products.....

Barbara Albrecht

I'm going to need to get a second mortgage...hahaha!!! Love everything!!

Susan Gantz

Okay, so the next big question is when and where these lovelies will be available??


So glad I saved my Christmas cash! I was sure I would want eveything you released. You rocked it. The scribble sticks love, love, love.

Shemaine smith

Beautiful designs, beautiful products. So excited to get some of these when they come out.

Fiona D

Fabulous, I can't wait to get my hands on some of these products

Kay Pierce

Love everything... but adore your journal... your bag... and can't wait for your new brushes!!!!

Caroline Duncan

Wow!! Such fun stuff!! Congrats on all your continued success!


This is beyond exciting! I love how different these additions to your line are, truely innovative!!! Please just send me a box of everything! 😍

Gwen Lafleur

Absolutely fantastic release Dina! I'm going to have to have pretty much all of it... lol. That journal - swoon!

Anita tillman

Ooooh!!!! So many yummy things!! I must say that rosy metallic paint looks so awesome and those stamps- swoon!!! The journal looks wonderful too! Everything looks awesome Dina! Xox

Genevieve Brazier

Congratulations Dina! An amazing range of glorious products for the mixed media junkies out here. xx

Janice Bryant

GRAND! Can't wait to see them in my local craft store!

Leeann pearce

Ohhhhhhh yes, LOVE ALL OF IT! Screaming from THE roof tops awesome products. Thank you for knowing how to upbeat my arty heart!

Marcia Nedland

Get OUT! Love everything. Please tell me it is available NOW.

Bec miller

Ohhh that journal!!! What size is it please?


8x10 ish


Me: I definitely will not spend any money this month.
Dina: HA!

P.S. SOOOO excited for the journal!


my heart strings are making my purse strings really REALLY loose!!!! i absolutely need it all!!! great release Dina! preorder is in!

Lea Ann

I can't wait!! I'm in love with the new metallics!! Who am I kidding I'm in love with it all!! I'm saving up so I can get one of each!! Love you Dina!

Kay Pierce

Shhhhhh... dont tell... but I love your bags best!!!!!

Pam D

Love it all!!! So far, my favorite release for 2017!!!

Tracy Evans

Fabulous release Dina, loving those scribble sticks and journal particularly . Tracy x


The bags are just awesome but my most favourite thing that I just must have are the media tools what fun they will be on the gelli plate and moving paint layers around on my journal pages.


Oh my goodness!! All of this looks super amazing! I think I need one of everything! ❤


Hope Ranger can keep the supply up with the demand. I want one of everything, and 2 of some! Waxahachie, here I come!


Thank you so much for being so inspirational! I too love everything you have developed and can't wait to get my hands on your beautiful product!!! Can't wait until you visit Melbourne again and share your passion and new products! Congratulations

Sandy Mier

No wonder you're so excited! These new offerings are outstanding. I especially loved that "BLOOM" tag. Congrats, Dina! I miss seeing you at Occasional Artist classes.

Renee Cassese

I want them all!!

Meredith McNay

Diana, my daughter will be in the States next week ( from Australia). Will she be able to buy the journal for me at Michael's?


No, it wont. It will be at stores end feb but not at Michaels. 

Gini Cooper

What stores will sell these?


I want it all!!!! Oh Dina, I love all the new goodies! I just adore all the new colors and the journal, swoon!!!! You rocked it again!!!! Now I need to get another job to start the buying spree!!!


I am so excited about all these new things you are releasing. For sure that journal is going to be amazing in my hands and I love all the new metallic paints those scribble sticks, stencils, stamps, oh my! You did amazing this release. Oh and the bags, I can't wait to get the bags, too! Yay!!!!

Denise Spillane

Dina, I am so excited to see your new products. Love the journal and crayons. Yay!

Cathy Parlitsis

Oh, Miss Dina!
I just love all of your new "stuff!" - ESPECIALLY that Journal! What a sweet discovery book! Can't wait to get one and start turning pages.
HURRY and come back to CT/NY to do classes!!!!


Squeeeaaaallllll! Excited! Xx

Mica Espoinosa

Dina, Dina, Dina,

You are an awesome inspiration to this planet, the colors are all heavenly chosen for all of us!
The journal is so beautiful, want to keep it as an art piece. I can't wait to get my hands on all your new products. We are in heavens artists out there! This is like looking through a candy art store~ Totally in love~

Blessings continue to flow through you this New Year and thank you for sharing with the world~
You totally rocked all of it~

Robin Flate-Strubbe

Dina, you've outdone yourself. This new collection is better than ever. Love the new stamps and stencils.


Oh my goodness that journal looks amazing!! And I love the new girl stamps xxx

Erin |

Collette Marcsis

Love everything. Journal is my favorite but everything else is tied for 2nd. Will these be selling at Hobby Lobby?

Kim Fulmer

Just pre-ordered my journal! Can't wait to get it, what an amazing idea!


I just received the journal... I am having trouble distinguishing the canvas from the watercolor... is there an order to the pages? all the white pages feel the same to me and are the same thickness it seems... I know it probably should be easy... I tried to "tear" a page I thought was canvas thinking it shouldn't tear easily... I was wrong...

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