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September 23, 2016


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Sue W.

These are gorgeous. Who would know that you started with a repurposed base and just added layers! I will have to keep this in mind for future projects.


Wow! You are full of great ideas! That stamp book is so genius! And I really love that idea of the art box. Your ATC's are gorgeous as ever! I was in a craft store yesterday for a workshop and I saw your stamps in real life, in stead of on a computer screen. I really wanted to buy some, but I couldn't choose. Now I realise I didn't go back to the stamp section to make my choice. Too bad. Ah well, I guess I'll have to order them later. I know what they look like now :)

xx Michelle

Kay Pierce

Great pieces!!! The box is a great idea!!! Even ugly can be cut up and made to be great!!!

Sandi Keene

Hey Dina! We are so grateful and thrilled to have you as our Featured Artist this month! Thank you for the wonderful PACs! Love the idea of starting with recycled papers and then adding stripes of tape! Thanks for joining us!

Gerrie Johnnic

You make it sound so easy! Love your organization ideas, already have the drawer of stuff, but stamping in a book, ready for using, is an amazing idea. Taking your classes soon in St Pete, see you there!

Rae Missigman

Oh Dina I love these! We are so honored and happy to have you join us as the Featured Artist this month! You created some amazing PAC™'s and always leaving us feeling so inspired! You rock! (p.s. I couldn't live without my "waste" papers folder, which is similar to your box! ) xx Rae

Mary Vens

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ FABULOUS project & the stamp compendium is great! Do u cut out from the compendium or use it as a reference list of what u have? Going to definitely do project and compendium! Thanks

Anna Friesen

Wow, awesome PACs!! Love your process! :)

Debbie Gaetz

Love the atc' and grateful for the genius ideas. You're the best!

Mary W

Such a great way to make several ATC's without any trouble or start up time wasted. I hate wasting paper or other small goodies that pile up and this would be such a nice way to use by making cards with them. Love having Thank You or Thinking of You cards ready to send.

Yvonne B.

I do love watching your process! Your little pieces of art of packed full of layers and interest! Thanks for sharing this wonderful post!


Wonderful ideas and beautiful results! Thanks for the inspiration!

Bettsi Ledesma

Wow! I love your cards. Thank you for sharing your process and tips. So motivating!


I love your project and so happy that you have been part of DLP 2016. Some really great ideas.

Ruchi Gupta

Just awesome and some great ideas the final outcome..thanks .


I cut right out of it!


Ok I know I will feel silly once someone answers me but what does ATC and PAC stand for pls??

Barbara Martinke

Dina you make arting so much fun. Great idea today and so easy and stress free. Thank you for the inspiration. When are you coming back to So Florida? Hope it's soon. XXOO Barb Martinke

Beverly Baptiste

I think ATCs are really cool tiny pieces of art. I know there's a community of people that make and trade them. What I am curious about is this: what do people actually do with them? Do you put them in a book like a sports fan does with baseball cards? I know that 7Gypsies made a spinney thing for them years ago, but I imagine that would be full in no time. Hope the question isn't offensive - I'm really curious. :)


OMG, I am sorry I missed this last week, but I found it this week! I am waiting for my Media Tape to arrive from The Crafty Scrapper. I love ATC's, they say so much about the artist. This is fabulous!


These are awesome. I Love your idea on stamped compendium. For sure it would save a lot of time.
Thank you for sharing of your work.
Love Eva xoxox

Kathy Andrews

Wonderful colorful pieces of art; cutting "ugly" art into pieces is a great use - many things look better in small pieces that they do as a whole. Thank you for sharing

Suzanne Roper

Love what you did, and your stamp compendium is a great idea. I also want to know what you do with the ATC's. I guess I would attach some to make cards. Can someone please help. Love, Sue

Lindy Teresi

I love the stamp compendium idea! Gorgeous cards. thanks Dina!

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