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August 05, 2016


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Diann :)

OMG! Yall are hilarious! Looks like yall had lots of fun! :)


Love blooper reels and watching you create! :)


So not only are you a mixed media artist, you are a foley artist too !!! Bravo !!

Erin Vander Leest

Love you and Amy in these videos- the Scooby impression is spot on! 😉

Julie B

Love it! I think you should include these in the real'll be just like taking a class from you! Love the singing (Danger Zone-Top Gun), noises (animals), your snort laugh, did not have fun making these, did you? HA!


Love your art, love your humor!


Love bloopers - thank you so much for sharing these moments with us all.

Trude Julie Berg

How cool! Looks like you had tons of fun 😊

Lyn Coogan

OMG I knew I loved this woman.......Dina you are as mad as a bucket of frogs! Love you!

Annette Green

LOL! Loved this so much. Especially the Napoleon Dynamite interpretive dance. Thanks for the laugh! (and the chance to win this incredible give-away)

Bonnie Klocke

You are crazy but i love all yoir energy and crazyness. You are very creative and it shows. Funny but lots of fun to watch.

A. Marie

While I would already enjoy one of your classes, I'm sure...if this is what they're like, I'd drive extra miles to take one. lol Tom Cruise has nothing on you, Dina. I'm also probably going to hear you going full on Salt N Pepa anytime I see your art now. Yes, I am. Keep having fun. :)


Could not stop laughing watching these.

Ashley Findlow


Fiona Darling

Fantastic! looks like you were having a great time

Carol Mintom

Hilarious! Fun, fun times.


Oh great! I would love to see the dvd i love your work!

Dawn hamilton guys seemed to have a lot of fun both behind and in front of the camera. Funny gals x

Laurie J.M.

Dorky is good! So is your sense of humor! :-)

Jo Urbani

Haha! Looks like you had great fun! Sharing on FB 😘 X

Fiona Jellie

Working and having fun? Bliss


Very funny! I was laughing out loud! Love your art and your laugh! Great fun😀!

Julie Welsh Oman

I think you are just having a lot of fun! Your book Art Journal Courage really changed my approach to my art - I am eternally grateful!!! :)


If you can't have fun and be dorky then why bother?! I think you're just the right amount of dork!i can't wait to see the DVDs.

Jackie Somerville

Thanks for opportunity for a chance to win your DVDS.

Jen johnson

You absolutely can tell you have four boys. And I know you have three children, but you do have four boys and that does show by these outtakes. Lol!!!

Love this!! The mouth-noises...yup, that's boy-stuff. Can't wait for the videos.

Faith W

Art & Comedy combo! Talented gal!
Such fun!

Kay Pierce

Hahahahahahahaha!!!! I love your craziness!!! Miss ya!
My fingers...toes....eyes, etc are crossed in hopes I win!!!!!
Squishy hugs!

Diva Kreszl

Thanks for sharing the chuckles! Nice to know I am not alone in my weirdness!


Highway to the Dorky Zone!!! Taking you right into the Dorky Zone!!! And loving it!!!

Sue W

I've been lucky enough to see that weirdness a time or two! Just one of the many reasons I love you. Sharing on FB, Twitter and Instagram ( if I can figure out how to share in IG! I can't even figure out how to share my OWN pics on IG!

Sharon Cataldo

Hahahahahahahahaha....oh Dina, love your crazy exuberance!

Darlene Bromberger

LOL. Just what I needed. A good laugh. But now I have highway to the danger zone going through my head. AAAAAAAAGGGGGGGG.

Daisy lou

You are so lovely and so crazy.. That's why I like you! You laugh we all laugh with you. Keep smiling Dina x❤️x
P's...shared on Twitter and Facebook 😉

Sharon Irving

Love it! looks like you had fun :)


And this would be why we should be BFF' you Dina!


So much fun to watch the bloopers. I think they make the videos more real, life just doesn't run smoothly. Thanks so much for sharing!


Love your nod to the 80's music and your zany energy. You rock, Dina. Thanks for making art fun :-)

Katherine Currie

It's great to see the light funny side of artists! That is part of the creative side that doesn't show up on the piece of art created but is still a major inspiration. Thanks for the reminder to keep having fun and never take yourself too seriously! I'm going to share on Facebook for my artsy friends to enjoy.


I love blooper reels...probably because I don't have any!!! haha I can't wait to watch these. sharing on my facebook page (inky fairy designs) as well. ;)

Leah Stark

The bloopers were great...hahaha!! Love all of your art work. You are an inspiration for me :) Thanks for all you do!

Natalie May

This CRACKED ME UP .... Love your work funny lady :)


Haha! Ms. Dina, I love it! Love your art, love your books, love your DVDs, love your realness, love YOU! Thank you for sharing this and all your amazing talent with the world.

Jen M

Love the bloopers. Looks like lots of fun!


The bloopers are hilarious! Thanks for sharing! I feel so lucky to have gotten the chance to meet you in June in NYC! Best wishes!

Barbara Albrecht

Ah...the REAL Dina!!! Toooo funny!!! So glad you shared these videos!! And....YES....I your newest videos!!!! You know I love you, your art and all your Media products!!! XOXOXOX

Abbe Fosbinder

This was hilarious! Shared on Facebook because I'm proud to have you as an inspiration!! Can't wait to meet you :)

Susan Stimson

Fun times!!!


Love the bloopers reel. Thanks for sharing :-)

Brenda Martino

One reason I love your classes is your sense of humor! You're an awesome teacher.

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