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January 07, 2016


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Caroline Duncan

Woo-hoooo.... love everything, but the I really LOVE the new paint colors!! Thanks for coming out with new goodies for us to play with. :)

Sue W.

Yes! I love the new colors of paints! Love the new smaller birdies! Love the new smaller stencils!And YES! I love the new Media Boards. This NEEDS to be a class at Whim So Doodle! Hint, hint! Yes!

Congrats on this new release ! I already spotted this and that I can't wait to play with. And OH YES for the media boards as book covers (I smiled because it crossed my mind before even reading you suggesting this).

Barbara Albrecht

What wonderful new goodies!!! I NEED them ALL!!! I can't wait to get my hands on them!!!

Dara Lynn

Big cheesy grins on this side of the blog!!! Gals and Borders ...Scribbly Guys....canvas colors in my favorite paint line...sprinkled with other fabulous stencils....breathing in the deliciousness of all things Dina!

Love the new line and bold images - congrats - looking forward to getting....

Hazel Agnew

Spotted the 2 and Dyan.....look forward to adding you both to my collection!


I am loving it and am inspired...

Maria torralba

Love it all!

Jennifer Johnson

Omg, love the new colors and the ink and the sprays and the.....EVERYTHING!!! So glad all these goodies will soon be mine!

Amy O'

Shout out to my fellow New Englanders - Jenn & Penny! Hooray ladies! Oh, and just when I thought I had enough ink - BOOM! Can't wait to get my hands on it! Terrific as always, Dina!

Helen (stampingbyh)

Fabulous new range- loving the smaller birds and the new paints look lush!

Angie Winkler

Woo hoo!!!! Love the new colors and stamps, and stencils and..... VERY pumped about NIGHT ink!!!! ❤️ Night- all time fav color, I think!! Great job! Can't wait!


Love it ALL!Totally inspired!!!!!

Just Lovely Dina. So looking forward to these all being available in the Lulu Arts store here in Australia. Lots of love from one of your peeps!

Alana Parish

Do I love it all? YES!

Yvonne B.

Oh my goodness! I'm so excited! The images are absolutely fabulous and the colors will be so fun to use! I can't wait! Looking forward to seeing you in Salem--hoping we can get on your schedule soon! :-)


Oh I am a HUGE fan of vintage girls soooooo looks like I will be adding your girl stamps. Is that you?!:) And I LOVE that circle stencil!!! And your canvas boards and inks....well everything!!!!


ohh these new release are killing me!!! I want everythingggg!
xxx Zoey

bess mclaughlin

love your new stamp images of you as a child! The new paints are exciting too!!!


When and where can we purchase these new items?


Love these samples! In the first sample image that you have with the bumble bee in turquoise and purple with black stitching could you tell me what is the substrate that you have used? I love the woven texture to it and also that you can stitch on it. It looks like canvas.


Oh I didn't read properly did I? I can see now that you used the canvas boards. They look great. Are they easy to sew on?


They are like a heavy chip. I actually sewed on the watercolor paper and then glued it in 

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