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September 17, 2015


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Linda Lawson

I joined B.G.U., and I'm taking your Art Journaling 101 class, first. I love it and can't wait to take more!


Hi Dina. I'm also taking your Art Journaling 101 class. May I ask, are there just four PDFs to download; Today in a list, Today in a list (dig deeper), Mindmap & Stream of consciousness. You mention a clip art gallery in one of the video lessons, but I can't see where that is on the BGU site. Thank you.


Send me your email and I can sen d them to you. I will have bgu add them, too.


Thank you so much Dina.


I am taking Christine Mason Millers Dream Big class at the moment!!

New fan from BC

Is there any chance your Faces class will be added?


No, that is my best selling class and I dont have plans to add it at this time. Perhaps in the future, though.


I am really loving your class...I took it years ago on a different that I'm retired I have time to actually do it..have been using your techniques on cards for my family...creating a little piece of art from the heart! Thanks for all the inspiration!!

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