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June 23, 2015


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Sue W.

So cool seeing your art journey!

Amy O'

Love this - so inspiring (as usual!!!)


My art journal has recently begun. Thanks to you, I have a few faces in my journal. The eyes do not match and sometimes the lips are funny looking but I am enjoying the ride. Yes, I need to practice, practice and more practice. I can see how this helps. So far, what I have done has been fun. Would I share, probably not, but some pages maybe. But it is all about me and I need me right now. So once again. Thank you for that wonderful you tube video. I have both your books that I need to start reading. So much to do and what to do first. :) I know...practice. LOLOL


Loved seeing your journey to your success. I am truly inspired to keep practicing..

Caroline Duncan

Congratulations on your success in art! Everything you shared here today is gorgeous and it was fun to see the progression. Thanks for sharing!

Beth C

It's easy to see where we could have done better with our art. But I have recently decided that as long as I'm having fun and I think what I'm doing is worthwhile that's all that matters. I love your work and appreciate all you share with us!


I love your style! So colorful, yet strong and a bit nostalgic...

Madeline Rains

My art journey started with acting and then directing theater professionally and then, stuck out in the boondocks, married to a farmer the past 20 years and home schooling my boys, I couldn't do theater so revisited playing with collage, which I'd done as a child. I also always kept journals from age 7 on! So discovering art journaling was a revelation! You, and Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and Anna Debrowska and others have been my mentors! I thank you so much. I am now sharing my own take on what I've learned with other local women! I love the excuse to get women together and empower them to be more creative. I always point them to your site and Julie's!

Cybele Flematti

Love to see your growth; can't believe I've been following your blog as long as I have! Your work is an amazing and I've really enjoyed taking classes from you. Here's to more art making this year and for many to come!!


Great to see your artistic evolution


I had a very special Easter season in my Diary/Journal. I have always journaled with words. I love papercrafting, scrapbooking. I feel totally drawn to expanding my artistic eye. I have joined art journal groups to glean and find my style.I am enjoying the journey!


Dina, I think it is amazing that you've been keeping art journals since you were 9. I love your art. I also call my time in my studio, "art-ing". My husband says I should call it creating. And, I ask you, what does he know?! Ha.

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