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January 15, 2015


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Leslie Ackman

Ummm well those are all inspiring and AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dara Lynn

What a great wall of inspiration and talent!


Beautiful display of stunning works of art!


Oh my! Wonderful artwork made with wonderful product! Fabulous! xxx


They are all wonderful!

Lorraine Bell

Thank you for the opportunity Dina! It was such a pleasure to create using your amazing product line . . . not work at all, just play and pure enjoyment! It was wonderful to see so many talented artists' interpretations!

Jo Ann D.

Simply awe inspiring! I just received your two books in the mail yesterday and have been devouring them. I can't wait to work with your paints some more this weekend. They are wonderful.

Carole Mac

Hey you - thanks so much for sharing these inspiring pieces... i do love me some brown and your brights always freak me out so it is amazing to see how these incredible artists have toned them down a touch but still allowing your colors to pop... can I assume there is some umber in there?? Love !!
So excited about more scribbly birds and can't wait to see you again in class(es) in June (or whenever you head up north)
Big hugs and now off to show my Dina-love thru the cash register,
Carole Mac, Vancouver

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