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December 15, 2014


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Hi dina, so glad you're back. Sorry to hear that your son has been in the hospital. I hope he is making improvements each day forward.
I have had your new book and Traci's out from the library. I Keep Renewing them! So many ideas to try.

Barbara Albrecht

Thanks for the tutorial. I didn't even think about making sprays out of your paints. You can bet I'm going to give it a try. Love the face on the "printed" page!

I have a question about the paint you have to do anything special to keep the mister from clogging since you're using paint in it?

Wishing you and your family a Blessed Christmas!!

Ange B

Your journal pages look awesome Dina! I'm like you when it comes to finishing something in one sitting, I like to do things in bits and pieces then come back to it later with a new perspective. Is Traci's kit available to buy? Thanks :-)


Lovely play! I love Traci's other books and this one is on the top of my wishlist.

Sue W.

Love both of your pages! I'm gonna have to try making your paints into mistables! Is that even a woid?!




Ok I have been going to buy her I am for sure. Like right now:) And her doodles unleashed. Merry Christmas to me!!!


I bought it and Doodles Unleashed and finally a black Stabilo pencil!! Merry Christmas:)

Barbara L

I have your books and am excited to try the sprays. Never thought about making sprays from your acrylics. Yay!

Traci Bautista

Dina... LOVE LOVE the pages and backgrounds you created!!thanks so much for helping me celebrate Printmaking Unleashed! Xoxo Traci

Linda K

LOVE what you have done with your art and Traci's inspiration Dina!! I actually made a Traci inspired page and turned it into this year's Christmas postcard (on my latest blog post).This book is on my wish list as I have her other two and refer to them for inspiration quite often. And speaking of, the main reason I came by.. I treated myself to your new book and although I haven't had time other than to skim through it so far- I absolutely LOVE it and just can't wait for some time to delve into it and play!! Thank you!

Kelli Rootes

How funny, I just received Traci's book and your book in the post this week! I've had a quick flick through and they are both great!I can't wait to have a good look:) I love what you've done with your pages and love, love your work!

Sheila B.

I love these demos, can't wait to try out the paint mister idea. I got your book for Christmas, now I'll have to go out and buy Traci's!

Jeannette van D.

Absolutely LOVE it !! Such fibrant colours ! They make me happy just looking at them :)

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