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November 03, 2014


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Lisa Hodge

OH BOY!! I've been looking for this!! Would LOVE to have a copy from you!


Yessir! Can't wait to see the book!


Love that Quote! Congratulations on your new book - Looks fabulous. Thanks for the opportunity.


I discovered your art some days ago and I’m so happy you wrote a book to encourage people to fight their fears ! I’m new with art journal and I struggle with self doubt but I’m ready to overcome my fears ! Thanks for writing such a book, I can’t wait to discover it but I have to wait as it will be released only in late December here in France !!

Amy Wing

If I don't win, will you sign a copy I buy? Congrats on the new book!

Tema Ostrega

Your inspiration is amazing.I 'd be thrilled to win your book!


Would love this book to inspire me to get working on those 100 faces! Thanks for the chance.


I absolutely can't wait to get a copy of the new book. I didn't think I could ever draw a face either until I took your class at Whim-So-Doodle in St. Pete. I have totally surprised myself and enjoy every minute!

Marsha M

I would love to have your book. It speaks to all of our self doubts.


Would love the book, could certainly use it!

Margaret lussier

Awesome! Thanks for the opportunity!

Jill P

Congratulations on your second book ( I have your first!) and on all your success in the Art world! I follow your blog and love your style of Art-making. You have influenced me into loving silhouettes, stenciling, Tina Berning, faces, and the Stabilo pencils. You are inspiring to so many people out there and we can't thank you enough! Can't wait to buy your book!


I was so very inspired by Art Journal Freedom! Can't wait to see this one!

Michelle Mathey - POMI

Whoo hoo! Can't wait to get my hands on your new book - I love the first one and I'll love this second one even more since I love how you draw faces! Thanks for the chance to win a signed copy!

Jan O

Looks like a great book!

Susan LH

this sounds amazing. I'm looking for a new book and the word courage is calling to me.

Sian Thomas

You're a true inspiration Dina and you, your classes, your art and your books have inspired me to be more courageous - to be free with my art. Thank you xxx

Miss Iowa

Wow! I stumbled onto this by accident and am so glad I did. Just watched your videos on how to draw and paint a face and feel encouraged to give it a go. Thanks so much!


Waouh! un bouquin fait et signé par la grande Dina. Je le veux, je le veux car je le mérite.
C'est un super cadeau.

Barbara Bishop

The book looks amazing! I would love to have one! Congratulations!

Vicki :)

Looks like a fabulous book and one that would be well used here.. Thanks for the chance to win a copy..
Vicki :)

Susan lew

Hi it is on my wish list!


Wow! I would really like to win this book!

Susie F

I would love to win this, your art is inspiring.

Ann Hutter

Looks like a great book!! I'm still learning!


looks like a fun book!

Jenny Walker

love your style!!!


Wooooh!!! I love your first art journaling book and I'm thrilled about the chance to win you NEW book! :D Thank you! :D

jenn shurkus

me! c'mon you know you want to ;) hehe either way I'm buying it! congrats girl!!

K Brasfeild

Loved your first book! Can't wait to learn even more:) -k. brasfeild


I love Art Journal Freedom. I've been looking forward to this one. Would love to win a signed copy. Thank you!

Jennifer Shoo

Thank you so much for the chance to win your nook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kay Naugle

Thank you Dina for the encouraging post! I'll be looking for your book at The Crafty Scrapper this weekend! I know it will be fabulous like you!


Yea I loved your first book and I have been waiting for this one to come out!!!
Faerie wishes
Cassie xxxx

Lise  Pederson

I have been waiting for this book so I can order it. It would be great to win it. Took a class from you last week at Frenzy stampers and loved it. Thank you.

kerry dahlin

oooh,oooh...pick me...this is a must read for me as you are my favorite! :) Thanks Dina!

Nicole Fortin

Congratulations! I have Art Journal Freedom and refer to it time and time again. Your style is so unique and whimsical.


I've been waiting for the book to be available! Have my fingers crossed...! :)

Sandee Bartsch

Dina, congratulations. I am so excited about your new book, I can't wait to get my hands on it. Love to you and your courage!

Heather Goldsmith

Oh would so love to win. I just had Art Journal Freedom show up in my mail box today. So excited. ;-)


I cross my fingers ... for one little chance to win.

Conny Albers

yipieh! it's here :) Congratulation!

Kathie Maruska

Love love love Dina! Need to get my hands on this book!


Is it too late to enter for the freebie??? I hope not! Dina, I loved your first book, and I can't wait to get my hands on this one too! You are an inspiration!


I love your style!
Your first book is like an Art Bible in our house!

Ruth L

Congrats Dina!


Congrats on the new book!! Would love to have this in my collection.

Melissa T.

I feel like you are speaking directly to me!!!!! Thank you for the chance to win your amazing book :)

Paula Decker Haynes

We are always our own worst enemy when we allow ourselves to give in to doubts and feRs of making a mistake when we create but this last year doing DLP has been a great way to work past those negative thoughts and just enjoy the process. I am excited that you will be a part of 2015 DLP.

Jo Anne Owens

Oohhh, you have a book, nice! I really like your work and I am very happy to see you have a book available, love it!

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