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November 03, 2014


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ooh, yay! i'd love a chance to win a copy, please :)


I have been waiting for this. I already have your first book. Of course, I would love to win a signed copy.

Sarah Grab

Thanks so much for such a great giveaway! Would love to give your book a home :) you are such a huge inspiration in the art world. Thanks so much!

Jodi W

Me, me, all things Dina Wakley. I'd love to have this beauty to add to my resources. Thanks Dina!


Would love your book! Still can't draw, but I'm in the learning process :))

Rachel Findlay

I discovered art journaling in the New Year & with your help & my friends & family the depression that I've suffered for over 20 years has lifted. Thank you xx

Delores Hutcheson

I would love to win but if I don't, as soon as I can find a copy to buy, it will be mine. Love the inspiration and motivation you give to the art journalers of the world.


Would love to get the chance to read your book!


looks like a great book! thanks for the chance to win.

Heidi Matthews

I am adding faces to my art journal more after our class with you in KC. Now working on my color choices for blending after Dyan's class yesterday. I need additional advice from your book to continue the journey of learning.


Congratulations on your new book. Thank you for the chance to win a copy. I feel inspired already!

Yvonne Fay

Dina, I loved your first book, can't wait to get the new one. Next best thing to taking a class with you :)

Susan Fermandel

Pick me, pick me, love your first book and can't wait to see this one, it's on my Christmas list, maybe Christmas could come early!

Patty PAPE

Pick me! Pick me! Thanks to you, Dina, for your creativity and ability to teach through demonstration - and having fun at the same time.

Patrice Mills

congratulations! i have your first book, LOVE it. cannot wait to get your second book.
you. are. amazing!!!!!!

Christa Long

Looks like a fabulous book!

Lisa Marie Larsen

I'm so glad I got the oportunity to join one of your classes when you visited us in Norway in October, and aften learning from you I'm so inspired and am starting to create my own art! I never thought I could paint, as you say, but it was so fun!! Would absolutely love to read your book :-D

Lori W

Congrats, Dina!! Thanks for a chance to win! Love my copy of your first book...hope you're doing wonderfully! xo

Francine Groulx

Congrads on your second book .... I would love to win a copy of it... When in my studio I refer to your first one so often ... You helped me unleash my inner self creativity....❤️


Didn't make any art for some months now. No inspiration...
Hoping this thursday will be my lucky re-inspirational-day!!!

Anna GB

I so need this to get a creative kick in the butt! :D
Thanks for the chance to win

Marla McCafferty

Yay!! Can't wait to delve in and read

Barbro Gjevik

I really liked your last book Art Journal Freedom and would love to win the new one.

Pat Kozak

OMG! So want a copy of this! Autographed by you, EVEN BETTER! Pat, from Canada..


I would love to win a copy of your new book!

Angela campbell

I would love to win this - I know exactly who I would gift to - as I have already made plans to buy it!!!


Oh my, I can't wait!! Pick me to win your signed copy. I was very inspired by your first book (a birthday present). Thanks for all the inspiration. Carrie


thank you for chance to win. I loved the first book of yours, and can't wait to get this one :)

Ange B

Congrats on your new book Dina! I can't wait to get my would love a signed one ;-) thanks for the chance to win!!!

Judy Morrissey

I love your style and your talent. Have your first book, just love it. Whether I win the book through you or buy it from somewhere, I will have your book. Thank you so very much!

Shara McKinney

So excited about your new book! Congrats! Hoping to meet you this Summer when you come back to BC Canada!

Emma Joyner

I have your first book and am loving it! How that I'm successful in winning a signed copy of your second book it's my birthday today and not received one crafty present at all! Fingers crossed! xx


Congrats on this second book Dina ! woot woot
thanks for the chance to win a copy <3

Kelly Gustus

The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt. --Sylvia Plath I so love this quote and it reminds me to shut the head off and turn the heart on! Thank you!

Susan Brennan

I can't wait to read this. You've always been one of my favorite artists.

Shannon Martinson

I'd love to win a copy of your book!

Birgit Hjort Byrgesen

Greetings from Germany.....I have just bought one of your books and I find it very inspiring...Wauhhhh...


Oooooo so exciting. Love the new do. Congratulations! Can't wait for you to come back my way.

Nurse Ratchet

Ya know I love ya!!


I'm so excited for this book!! Great Christmas gift for
all my arty friends!

Denisse Diaz

Oh my.....Sooo dreaming of winning!!!

Jacqui Ruddock

Following you, and doing "Dina" style art...has made me so much more's better than any medication I have ever had....!!! Thank you so much, X

veronica fuster

Yo soy la feliz afortunada ganadora de tu libro!!

Lorrie Jonas

yes, I was browsing through books on amazon and saw your new book...congrats..

Grace Mendez

Thanks for being such an inspiration to all of us! Congratulations on your new book.

Claire Jackson

I bought Art Journal Freedom about a week ago and LOVE IT! It was easy to follow, practical and most of all inspiring. This weekend I started my journey in to art journaling. It would be very special to win a copy of Courage from you but if not I will most certainly be buying it.


I would lOOOve that kind of gift! I play (one step more to the courage!) ;) Thanks! And Congrats!


Just had a hip surgery and NEED this to recuperate!!!!!!!. Seriously. Cannot wait to see it!

Kay pierce

Oh yeah...gotta win this


Congrats Dina, I look forward to seeing the book. I have been lucky enough to have 3 classes with you, one on Phoenix and 2 recently in St. albert, Alberta. I have not been working on my 100 faces, but will get on it. Thanks so much for the insoiration.

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