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October 30, 2014


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Carol P

Good Luck with the sale of your house...may it sell quickly for you. I am sure you have a wonderful studio planned in your new home. Hope you share it with us.

Amber K

I plan on moving to Arizona in a few years after our daughter graduates high school, just not sure which area. Did you enjoy living in Glendale? Anything you could share with me?

Cathy Holley

Found an article in the Dallas newspaper about advantages to selling a house during the holidays!
1. Home inventories are relatively lower than during other times of the year.
2. Homebuyers are usually more motivated during this time--more serious because changing jobs etc.
3. Your home tends to look great during this time of year--decorated for family and friends to visit.

Hope this helps to relieve your stress!
Cathy Holley
Plano, TX

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