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July 08, 2014


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Sue W.

Beautiful face.


It's gorgeous!!


Love this ... that is my goal to learn how to free up my sketching and do some fabulous colour - enjoyed watching your process in person Dina ... and again love this! :)


Wanted to thank you for introducing me to the 'magic pencil', but I should have bought a box full!

Lea Ann

She's very expressive! Love her!

Carol P

Love her! The background colors give it such a cool look. Great job as usual! Her eyes have such depth and a very soulful look.

Laurie Hunt

I love this little face! She has a pensive kind of sad look. It just makes you want to give her a big old hug!

Fred Harris

HI DINA. I love your your great book from amazon last week and have been creating all week.its great therapy as it takes my mind of a recent cancer diagnosis.If you have time I'd love you to look at my efforts on Flickr. .my username is fredsworld.this face is ace.

fred harris

Me Flickr is fred harris not fredsworld that's an old account..what a div!

eva a(r)t work

totally awesome expression!


I love her right eye! There is no end to its depth and the color is stunning. Wow.

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