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June 24, 2014


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Wow, Dina, love her! There's a very awesome Tina Berning feel going on here.


I'd like to take a drawing class after hearing you in a video telling a woman once she understood the formula, she too could draw.


fab colors!

Barbara Albrecht

So glad you made time for YOU! I don't know how you "pros" keep up with your schedules!!!


Love Love Love it!!! I can't wait for you to come down to Montreal, in Sept.!!!!!

Your faces are just awesome!!!!!!!!!

Creative Tara

beautiful, and great inspiration to take time for art for ME even in busy times or when I don't feel it...


it's gorgeous!! I "only" have a 9-5 job (well 5.30 actually) but you definitely need some "you time" - glad you were able to take it.


that is just beautiful Dina. Thanks ever so much for the wonderful classes in St. Albert!!! It was soooooo wonderful too learn with you.

Carol P

So glad you took time for you! That is a very important thing to do for ourselves. Hope you are doing well despite the crazy schedule. You are inspiring as usual!


ME TIME is very important Dina. Go play (art) without guilt--you deserve it. Love to see more of your work!
Cheers! Carrie


So important! I think especially when we have purposefully made a job out of what we love it becomes even MORE important to make time for coming back to what started it in the first place. Gorgeous page.

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