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May 26, 2014


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Wow!!! Two sets!? I would love to win one of them of course! I have been looking ALL over and haven't been able to locate these DELICIOUS, beautiful paints! I even asked for them for my birthday, and we couldn't find them.....

Thank you Dina, for offering this sweet hop surprise!


Oh what a wonderful package to receive!!! I just adore your work and would love to play with some of your new products!!! Congrats on this awesome line of goodies!!! You are so deserving!!!


Those paints look totally yummy. Fabulous giveaway. Congratulations on being a Ranger Designer.

Sue W.

I love the texture of your new paints! I only bought three, but now I NEED them all!! And your brushes are super fab too! Love the stiffness of the bristles. Hopping off to blog visit.............

carol fox

Masive fan of your stamps, but yet to try your paints. I would love to win these.

Melissa Rijger

Fabulous products! Congrats!


did your classes and love your stamps and stencils, the make my journal a happy place to work in


I'd love to try your paints and brushes on my mixed media creations. A great line! Thanks for the chance to win the wonderful give away.


How incredibly generous, and what fabulous looking colours... I'd love to win a set and am hopping round the other blogs right now!


Delicious looking new paints. Thanks for offering this giveaway.

terri stegmiller

Congratulations on your line of paints and mediums. Great colors and a wonderful opportunity to win some.


Fabulous! I am loving your paint colors!


Dina's paints & brushes ROCK!!!!


Love all your stuff. Can't wait to try your paints too!

Dawn Zichko

Beautiful, colorful pages! I'm eager to try these paints!


I can. not. wait. to get my hands on your paint - I'm dying here! And wow! All star lineup for sure - loving the blog hop and eye candy!

Michelle Remy

I love the colors you chose for your paint line! Right up my alley! As always, your work is beautiful & inspiring! I'll keep everything crossed that I win this the rainbow of paint you've tossed out into the world...

Cathy Poirier

Love these paints they are so creamy...and the colors are fabulous ....thanks for the opportunity to win these...hoping on to the next blog...."


this is the first time I have been to your blog. WOW..there will be a few afternoons spent here!! I would love to have a set of your materials to learn your ways with. Smiles, Ruth

jorunn Langås Andreassen

Wow i would love to win this beautiful paint ♥

Cynthia Jerred

Every time I try to put away my art stuff and do some housework or business (ugh) your beautiful paintings pull me back in. I have to create again and try to paint something fabulous. Who needs a clean house anyway! Would absolutely love to win, all your products look gorgeous.

Kim Pargeter

Had a chance to play with them this weekend. My friend just got them in her store. Love them. Thanks for the chance to win.

Natasha W

I would love to play around with your new paints and brushes! Congrats on your new products.

Barbara K

Love your beautiful samples. The colors are beautiful and inspiring, as is all your work!

Thanks so much for the give-away!


Love your art! I own your first book and have pre-ordered your new one. Winning paint would be the icing on the cupcake!

Mandy Fariello

Everything looks so wonderful! Thank you for the chance to win!

Sharon DeHaemer

I saw your link on Julie Balzers website, love what she did and what you showed on this site. I'd love to win brushes or paints. Thanks...Sharon

Janey Jennings

Hi Dina, Love, Love, your Art! I have your book, and can't wait ti try your paints! Thanks for this chance to win.


Dying to try!!!!!


I love your new paints and stuff! Would so much like to play with them!
Greeting from Germany!


Can't wait to try out these new paints. Please add me to the drawing.


The paints look fabulous! Would love a chance to try them out, Thanks- Sue


I can't wait to get my hands on those paints!

Cathy Basinski

I love your work; I would love to win your new paints and brushes to try. I will anyway even if I don't win them. :)

Marilyn J. Rock

Congrats on your new line. Fabulous! Thanks for the opportunity of the giveaway!

Gina Kim

Omygosh how cool! Wow, if I won, I'd definitely try some mixed media watercolor effects and share all of my newfound knowledge!

Rebecca S

Gorgeous colors! I'm especially intrigued by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's comment that they dry more matte so art journal pages aren't as sticky. \o/ I'd love to win a set and share them with my mother, who's also very into multimedia. One upside of moving back in with my folks is that we get to share our art supply stashes!


Congrats! I recently got the black gesso and LOVE it! Hope to try more soon...

Katie McD

Thanks for the chance to win! They look amazing! ([email protected])

Sharon Mathis

Oh oh oh ::::hand raised:::: pick me pick me! LOL awesome new products Dina. I can not wait to get my painty inky fingers on them! Thanks for the opportunity to win some of them! (p.s.have fun with the fellas in Australia!)


Like always, your pages are awesome ! I would LOVE to win your paints ! thank you for this giveaway !!


Would love to give your new line a whirl! Thanks for the chance to win a set.


Life gets in the way and had some timeout from creating, but I know I need these gorgeous paints/tools in my life to kick start my missing mojo thanks dina for the chance to win xx

Teri Aldred

Congrats on your new fabulous line of dynamic paint and supplies. I teach Boys and Girls Club classes and this gift would give the kids a chance to explore journals and layering of texture,form and COLOR! Last year we had a photography instructor do a layout of their modeling...this would compliment the same project this year. I will be stocking my box with your products...BRAVO!

Karen D

Wow, I am a real paint fanatic, and I just love the colours of this new paint range that you have released with Ranger. They are just gorgeous!!!!!!!


Love the colors. Thanks for the chance to play with them. Love the idea of working with your long stem brushes.I am a beginner and your work is quite inspiring.

Janie Husband

Thank you for the chance to win your products....... They look fantastic......

Ros Eckman

Congratulations- have been waiting for these and they look fabulous! Thanks for all your inspiration. So glad your son is improving- blessings to you and yours.


Awesome and thank you for the opportunity.

Susan Stimson

I love all of your products and all of your work!

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