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May 17, 2014


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Thank you for the video. Enjoyed it!


Thanks for sharing. I hope to find your paints in France soon. They really look so nice to use.

Ange B

Great video and tag Dina! I love your painting style and I was lucky enough to win one of your tags by leaving a comment on another blog (sorry, can't remember which one!)


Sounds pretty dang amazing!!


I really enjoyed watching your process!! I have your book which is my go-to paint book so watching was amazing. And I MUST get that Night paint!!!:)


This is so awesome! Thank you! I need to buy some night paint!


I just love those little birds. … yes … have them! Now I need those paints and brushes. Thanks for posting.


Fabulous video and project. Would sure love to get my hands on some of your paints especially that lime!

Sue W.

Always love hearing you talk about your art as you are making it! Looking forward to seeing you next time you are in town.

Sarah Anderson

What a treat to watch and listen as you work. Fab tag :)

Sue W.

Finally got the pages finished in my art journal that I've been working on for over two months now! Felt inspired by your tag and the pics you've been posting of you and Dyan working so hard, so there's some of you in the art and some of Dyan as well. Took a few liberties with the Scribbly Birds!

Yvonne Boucher

great video demo! I am a big fan of tags and always looking for new techniques. Thank you for sharing your techniques and introducing your new paints!

Kathryn Harpold

Totally AwEsOmE!!!! Guess I really do need, need, need IT ALL!


Great video. My mixed media supplies are in lock up (we moved, they're in storage) so I've been leaning towards pens and paints - which I haven't done much of - your video shows just how "do-able" your process is. Thanks - this came just in time. I'll be looking for your paints to hit the stores.

Carol P

Loved the video and can't wait for my paints to come in. I have ordered them all and should arrive soon! So excited...congratulations on your new line again. Hope you are doing's been a while. Thanks for sharing.

HelenRae Tarantino

I love it! For the 30yrs I have loved my bird even more! Why not design one with a row of birds on a wire a wire for us? Thanks...


Great video~~~~~!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing~!

Jenni Stultz

Just found you thru Julie Fie-Fan Balzar. Looking forward to exploring your blog

Carol Dickson

Great video. I love my stamps they are terrific. I like the freeness of your painting.
Carol Dickson


I love this tag. Wish you had more and more and more tutorials!


Love the translucent matte look of these paints, very classy.


Love the bright happy colors. Want to leave a few grains for your happy bird just as soon as she stops singing her happy song. You inspire me to create. See my face highlighted with a huge grin? Thank you.

Susan Jonsson

Nice demonstration....You make it all look fun and easy.

Deb koerner

What a dream to win all your beautiful paints! Please please please!

Nancy Vastine

these paints look yummy I would love to get some along with the meds.


I wish I could draw faces like that!! Amazing!!


Mystele used these paints to layer fantastically


I LOVE your stamps and your paints look yummy. So excited to see them out. Can't wait to shop. Thanks for the contest and congrats to you.


Oh! Exciting new line...

gail wynn

would love to win your paints, love your blog.

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