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April 02, 2014


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Making a book is fascinating to me, all the steps and details that we, readers, are not aware of.
Congrats again in this second baby !

Sarah Anderson

Just in time for a Christmas gift then? Love your freedom book so look forward to this one x

Carol P

Just pre-ordered my copy! Can't wait til is comes in Dec.. Early Christmas gift, yay!!! I loved your first book so much, I got both the hard copy and kindle version. Refer to it all of the time. Great resource. You are so good at explaining information. Good Luck with your book. To all of those who don't have Dina's first book, I highly recommend getting it.


Very nice title!


Fantastic! and congrats. You and Your work are such an inspiration, I get a boost of energy each time I open Freedom and with every blog post that I read


I have pre-ordered it. I am so looking forward to diving into it, just like in the first one.

Cindy (Junque Art)

So awesome! Can't wait to get it!


Loved your last book and I know Santa will bring me this one!!!


It's going on my list! If it's as good as the first one it will be fabulous.. can't wait!


yey yey yey!!!! :)


I'm so excited! Congrats!

Lea Ann

Congrats! I can't wait to get it. Love love love the cover!

Dawn Jones

Congratulations!! Love your first book, can't wait for this one!!

lisa mitchell

Super cool, Dina!
I hope it's a huge sucess...everyone buys it...and it goes number 1 on Amazon!
whooo hoooo! Enjoy this new adventure! muchos hugs ;)

Mixed Media Michelle

Gorgeous!! Such a G_R_E_A_T title!


Yay! Loved your first book.

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