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March 04, 2014


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i simply can not believe some people.. good for you.
i for one love you and YOUR style.....the hell with the rest of them!! well said Dina.. well said!

Betty Hedstrand

Dina, you are so inspirational and I feel that your style of impressionistic art frees us to play. You are passionate about art and that is what makes your art GREAT!

Isabelle Naud

Some people are just so full of themselves! You are an inspiration to me and maaaany others! I adore your work! Thank you! :)

Kirsten Varga

I was nodding as I read this. I sometimes struggle with the whole "fine art" mentality and, for me, it comes from having a degree in art from a university and the ideals I was exposed to. As a result of being around and knowing what goes into "fine art" I put alot of pressure on myself to make all my art that way. What's the fun in that?? Do I really want my work to hang in a prestigious museum one day? Sure! But not everything I do makes the cut and discouraging myself because of that is a time waster. Just make stuff. Magic will happen. There are many dimensions to what one can create. Thanks for sharing this Dina, it certainly got the wheels turning in my head. I'm off to go make something cool. :)

Cim Allen

It's like you spoke my thoughts .. everyone has a different art. My art is my art and it's done for me .. It's not everyones art ! Thanks for sharing so much inspiration :)

Stacy C.

Awesome sauce Dina!!! I love how honest you are with your art.... Very freeing.... Thank you!!

Caroline Duncan

well said! You are very inspiring and I love all the art you create! Thank you for sharing your talent and time and insights with us. :)

Luisa Atkinson

Dina, I love your grungy art. Love, love, love it. I come from a long line of fine artists and I have to tell you, that while I absolutely recognize the talent, they just doesn't inspire me. You do! You make me want to have my hands in paint 24-7. And that's just your art. You are one of the loveliest people I have met. Be proud. Be strong. Be creative!

Dara Lynn

I will always be on your ride! I learned so much about myself after taking your classes and following along with exercises from your book, Art Freedom. For that, I am forever grateful for the journey paved in expression, fun and community!

Vicki in Michigan

I see plenty of stuff (including in fancy art museums!) that I am quite sure is not art. But does it make the world a better place if I tell the artist so?

No. No, it does not.

It's ok to not like someone's art, but it's not ok to put them down for it..............................

And that is my considered and final opinion.

sign me: another poser

Julie G.

WELL SAID!!!! Love your attitude and inspiration!

Lesley Macgillivray

Dina, please keep doing what you do as I think your style is fabulous! So are you. Love your work!x

Kathy Gledsdale

I think some people like to take someone down who is successful, please don't worry about them, you have oodles of fans, so let the little people get on with it. We love you x

Jill Hadley

Just yesterday I was sitting out by my pool, it was such a beautiful day here in Orlando, Florida and I was reading your book. As I was reading it I was thinking to myself, "I really need to email Dina and praise her for her wonderful, complete, inspiring book". Your book was so inspiring to me, I went into my art room and made a piece of art for my journal using your tips and techniques, and I absolutely love what I did. I absolutely love what you do, and I'm so excited that you are planning another trip back to Whim-So- Doodle this summer.

Do not let these people's rude comments effect you or your art. They are unhappy people who hate themselves and their own art. You are beautiful and so is your art. Keep it coming honey!!!

Tina Lee

Well said is right! Love your art, love your book and can't wait for your next book. Just got your "scribbly birds" stamp set in the mail and can't wait to play and have fun - happy, happy!


Very well said Dina. I know you are an artist because success (by that I mean, followers, people who want to take your classes and buy your book and supplies) has found you and acknowledged your unique style. You did not go chasing a market and try to develop a style that would sell.
I've "known" you since way back in the Kathy Mancini/Scrapbook Addict days and even then recognized your unique style and loved, loved, loved what you did.
What you do may not call to everybody, but neither did/does the work of artists like Georgia O'Keeffe or Frida Khalo (two of my other favorites).
I love you, love what you do and thank you for all the inspiration you have given me (was just looking at my graffitti art journal the other day).

Marianne Johansson

I'm for sure with you on the ride! You're a fantastic person and inspiration, please keep on going!
Love your messy art!!


Love the little story about being a poser ;-) And, one shouldn't do art for others, just do it for YOU ....

Barbara Albrecht

There's only ONE person who NEEDS to like YOUR art...that's YOU!!! And...having said don't even need to like ALL your art!! There is a lot of "fine art" that I don't "get" or don't care for so I just move on until I see something that speaks to me and my eye. Another thought...if we all liked the same things we'd only need 1 religion, 1 color, 1 brand, 1 floor get the idea. What a boring world this would be if that were the case. Our lives are richer because we all have different ideas and opinions. Thank you Dina for taking the high road.

If you'll have me...I'd love to ride with you!!!!

Account Deleted


Cindy (Junque Art)

So well said and I LOVE what you do. You inspire me!

Sue W.

People who judge other peoples art are like mothers who judge other mothers. What is right for YOU may not necessarily be what is right for ME. That does not make what you are doing any more OR less right or wrong than what I am doing. Why do people have to be so darn high-fallutin' anyway? We all put our britches on one leg at a time! I love you. I love your art. Don't let simple minded people get you down!


Well said! Glad you can rise above the criticism, and whilst we all like praise, we have to take the good with the bad, as you say. Personally I love your style - I'm no artist fine or otherwise, I just like playing!! So carry on - we love you!


I can only echo what everyone else has already said. You know how much WE love you!

Ava Stone

I truly love your 2nd and last bullet points, and I'm loving being a poser too!

Susan M. Walls

All of the things you mentioned are why I love your creations. Art is subjective and what comes through is the passion to's wonderful! I do what I do for the same reasons. If I don't allow myself the time for art my head will explode! Thanks for the share.

Victoria Sturdevant

Yippee for you! I love your art.

Jennifer Evans

Dina, the mixed media art world would have a HUGE VOID if you weren't in it! I love your tutorials, techniques, well... everything you do. I can't wait to get my hands on your new paints and play. I hope you know that your critics are few in comparison to your fans!!!

Linda Cooke

Brava Dina!
I love your style and what I have learned from you is FREEDOM to be me and to continue to find my own voice through expressive art. I struggle constantly with the inner critic and after watching your video and taking some of your online classes I learned so much about just letting go.
The way you so openly share what works for you and what brings you such joy and satisfaction is actually quite awesome. When I think of the number of lives you have touched just by sharing with us. You simply make things more realistic from watery paint and spray inks to the elements of design. You make art come back to life for me.
For most people art is a form of very deep personal expression. I can't help but think if you make art so strategically there's little room for the soul of expression.
It's an honor and joy and life-giving to ride with you, if you'll have me.


Well I love what you do and I enjoyed meeting you in person!


The difference between a flower and a weed is a judgement. (Author unknown)

Jodi Wilson

preach it, sista!!!! thank you so much for these lovely, inspiring words. you are a gem!


Well said my lovely. Your art is beautiful and uniquely 'you'. I keep coming back over and over to see what you are doing albeit being 'pants' at leaving comments all the time. Opinionated as this may sound I could almost bet that those who are criticising are not published artists and that their criticisms are greatly rooted in jealousy of your success my lovely, take no notice whatsoever and carry on doing what you do best.
Mahoosive hugs from Cornwall, UK.
Dawn x


I find your art AMAZING. God has blessed you with a talent and I am grateful that you've chosen to share it.

Like everything else, it may not be for everyone. Their loss.

chel micheline

If you are referring to "pg"'s review of your book, take a look at the other review he/she has posted. All terse, one-line reviews of things that were (and I quote) "not for me". Apparently there's very little in this big giant world that he/she enjoys, which is indeed quite sad. For what it's worth, people who passionately dislike something usually have LOTS to say about it, not just dismiss it with one terse, irritating sentence. He/she also posted the SAME EXACT review on a complex zentangle book, so clearly... something's going on.

Don't let that negativity infect you- people who feel like crap like to draw other people into their pit of despair. You're too good for that - and so is your work, seriously. I mean, c'mon girl- you don't get a line of your own PAINTS unless what you do with them is pretty darn amazing. We're all here for the work you share with us. Please don't stop sharing and exploring.


This fellow 'poser' thinks you should continue to purge your soul in the most creative style you can. Love your work!


Yes, m'am.... along for the ride!


Bravo, Dina ! You speak for me too!


Dina... your gorgeous work is delicious... full of expression and love... raw... grungy... honest... I adore your art ♥

Jenny X


There's some people who just love to spew their negativity everywhere. You are right to not letting them steal your joy and sully your accomplishments.

Marilyn J. Rock

You have been the only one, as far as I'm concerned, that has helped me understand color theory! I have your book, here, for reference and you have inspired me in many ways! Thank you! xo


Thanks for inspiring others and sharing your work- it gives us all a sense of "permission" to play and explore our creativity.


I love being along for the ride. You inspire me, and many of us, to try, to do and to enjoy art! You encourage & teach us to do. Thank you!

Joy in FL

You and your art and the classes I've had with you have added to the happiness of my life and to my freedom in expressing myself through art.

I'm happy to be on a ride with people who do that for me and whose lives I can contribute to as well.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I love the piece you did.

Tracie Hanson

well then you're the kind of poser I love!!


Here is my criticism of your book. It was awesome, it was the first time I ever "got" color. and in person, you are real, you make accoutants like me feel like we can be creative even if we only have a left brain. You are the one I brag about at work (which they think I am crazy) that I get to go see my rock star mixed media girl. You are the one I waited in a line up on Saturday to get a spot in your classes so my opinion of you critics, if you don't like her stuff don't look at it but the rest of us will.


Amen to this! Messy art is my favorite and I'm not apologizing for that! It's what makes me feel good to create and that is what matters!

Lea Ann

I'll ride! I can't wait until you come back to St. Pete! You inspire me and I love your attitude!

Sandy Waechter

I was truly blessed to have been able to take a class from you. You have a beautiful style but more important, you have a beautiful soul. You put your heart into everything you do. Forgive the haters. Enjoy the adventure God gave you. You will never know how many hearts you have touched. Mine being one of them! For this I thank you. I look forward to learning many more things from you. Sandy Waechter


Beautifully written. You are such an inspiration to me and many many more like myself. I absolutely love art. Making it, looking at it, talking about it etc like you said. But for a long time, I didn't make art because I thought I was "bad" at it. But you have been such an inspiration to me. I am now able to do what I absolutely LOVE in part because of you. So thank you! Your art has inspired people to be happy. And there is nothing negative any critic can say about that :)

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