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February 18, 2013


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Dara Lynn

I am at Chapter 4 and have already learned soooo much -- I know this will change my perception on how I scrap and journal! Worth every penny!


Hi Dina, I got your book last week from LOVE IT! I've been cutting figures from magazines and feel like I'm a little girl again playing with paper dolls. I've long admired your work and feel very fortunate to be able to read your advice. As a teacher, I know that you have to understand your mistakes to grow. Thank you for your help!

Sandra hall

I could hear the passion in your voice as I read this post! Thank you for releasing us into the freedom :0) x x x


Just ordered mine Dina!! Can't wait to get it!

Michelle Mathey

I LOVE your new book - I'm learning so much already and the artwork is gorgeous and vibrant. Congratulations!!

Karen in RI

Your book is awesome! Very informative with lots of beautiful examples.

Carol P

I bet that was so exciting to get your art back! I loved every piece that was in the book. You are such a wonderful artist. If anyone has bought the book yet, it is a great book and a must have. I loved what you wrote about why you wrote this book and I think your reason is so generous and great of you to share your knowledge that you have gained through your experimentation. Thanks for all you do for are the greatest!

Kathryn Harpold

Come home from a little trip to find my copy waiting for me! Can't wait to have you sign it. There could be some great Chinese food from your favorite restaurant in China town, in it for you...


thanks so much Dina...your heart is bigger than our give your time, you talent, your energy for each of us, you share so much in that book. it will help me to reconnect with my art journal...I read each time I have a minute are a great soul and a great artist xxx

Cynthia Theriault

Dina...your book is so so INSPIRING and VISUALLY DELICIOUS !!! Thank you....thank you...thank you !!!


Dina, love your book. I am taking it page by page!

Marlene Moore

Mine arrived yesterday afternoon, yay! cannot wait to start reading it.


Your art is beautiful and such an inspiration. I have only browsed the book, (no money to purchase it yet!), and I think you so much for making it! :D

Barbara Albrecht

I got your book just before I left on a trip from TX to Indy to see my DD and help celebrate her birthday. I've leafed through the book and love what I've seen. Now I'm going back to the beginning and reading. I'll have you sign it when you come to TX in June...that seems so far away.


Yay! I've just placed an order for it.
Can't wait!

Katie B

What wonderfully colorful! You've inspired me to write about my own art journal on my blog. I mentioned your work and linked to this post. You can read today's post at:

Thanks for you inspiration.


Hi Dina,

I had taken one of your classes last year at the queens ink. I always liked your work but really feel in love with your art after the class. Your book was delivered today received and i am ready to start. I also saw that you are planing to come out to the queens ink. I cant wait to see you again.

Winnie Dolderer

I have read the entire book already, now I have to put it to use and start my journal. I picked up one by D. Reeveley and just have to bite the bullet and go for it. I love the great jewelry that your friend made for you. I love seeing your book in that form! How cool and thoughtful!

sue schultheis

Dina, I just love your book. Love the projects, the step-by-steps, everything! Now I just have to "do the art". I noticed you are quite busy this year, traveling and teaching, but if you have any time at all could you come over my house and play? It would be so much fun!!!LOL

I love your book Dina! It's awesome!


I just started reading your book and it is everything I hoped it would be. I can't wait to experiment with your ideas. thanks, deb


You wrote it for all the right reasons ;)


Your book has just arrived !! Lovlovlove it !! Thank you for all this beautiful inspiration and the know-hows !!

Sara Jansen

I love your book!! I have learned a lot already and I'm just getting started. Of course, I have looked through the entire book --- lots of times, but this is my year to really learn, so i am taking each of the page challenges and trying them at least once; I never thought I could use white space and lo and behold you are right. If you keep practicing it eventually looks okay. It's just a wonderful storehouse of information and it is one of my mainstays this year. I also REALLY appreciate your blog posts with such regularity. It's fun to see someone work in their own series. Thanks!

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