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September 20, 2012


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Hugs for your heart. xx

Steph Block

big hugs and i hope the hurt doesnt last too long xx

Carol P

Tomorrow will be brighter...hugs coming your way!

Marjie Kemper

Beautiful page. Hope it mends fast and strong.


loving your heart page- the colors are beautiful. sorry to hear that the heart hurts....not fair- such a lovely page and painful words.

Sue W.

I'm sorry your heart is hurting. Here's to brighter days. (((Dina)))



Lori W

:(...sending hugs! love the page!


love, love, love to you.


This is so evocative. The orange "triangle" is perfect.
And hugs to you for whatever you're going through.


sorry to hear! big hugs!

su corrin

love this - love you xxx


Virtual hugs Dina. Tomorrow will be brighter and you heart will be lighter.


oh la la ....so nice heart...love you xxx


This is beautiful...and oh so sad.

Linda K

whatever the hurt I hope it mends very, very quickly. It's a beautiful page but I can feel your hurt. Hugs to you.

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