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September 04, 2012


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Oh how cool, i've never seen these b4, looks like alot of fun, thanks for a chance to win x


Never heard of gelli plate until a few days ago. Now I can't live without one (or two) because you keep making such gorgeous prints.


I have wanted to try this out for some time - may not achieve the results you get but would love to have a go!

Michelle Webb

Dina I really enjoy looking at what you've done with the Gelli plate, I've really got to try this. I like seeing exciting new products and this is one of those. I haven't seen anything like that to buy in England. I've seen it online though and they can do so much with them. I have my fingers well and truly crossed. Michelle x

Denise Henderson

Your gelli print is a great example for us. Will there be a class in the future?
Denise in WNC


first off love your print, secondly i have never heard of Gelli Arts before this so lastly OH MY SOUL, i can feel another addiction coming over the horizon!!


Oh my good! What awsome news! Ofcourse I want in. :)

Anita tillman

I am new to your amazing blog but I am totally smitten!!! Xoxoxo what a great giveaway!!!

mary walmer

OHH I've always wanted to try this, your prints look fabulous!

Disco Queen

Wow! Wow! Wow! Dina, What an amazing giveaway. The gelli plate has been on my wish list ever since you mentioned it on your blog. Your art work is truly amazing & anything that helps me get a little nearer to it, in my own creations, is a must have. With love & admiration, Theresa.


wow I love the colors on your print! I'd so love to win a gelli plate - thanks for the chance!

Miriam Prantner

I have never seen these before, but they look VERY cool. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

Sue W.

I see BOTH stencils! I *think* I may need the Gelli Plates since I *may* not have enough things to color with in my arsenal! Thanks for the opportunity to win.


Would be great to try out! Love the texture you can achieve with this!

ellen vargo

Gelli arts plates are amazing and your print is deliciously layered and grungy - love it! If by chance my name is picked please pick another... I already have a plate, just wanted to leave a comment!


ooooh, lovely. I've been hearing more and more about gelli plates. guess it's time to put one on ye old wish list. thanks for the chance to win!

Joann Brewer

So cool, thanks for the chance to win a gelli plate, I have not seen these in good ol' blighty (UK). Always good to discover new supplies.

Polly Walters it. thanks for the chance to win.


I love your Gelli plate prints, and of course I would love to win a gelli plate :-) I got your paint lids stencil the other day at AFTH - in fact I have been using it this morning. Lovely! (Shame your name isn't on the FRONT of the packaging though).

Mary McVay

Love this print Dina! I have been wanting to do monoprinting for years! Hope I win! I've got to get your stencil too!


Wow, I just recently found out these plates excist! I have been playing with a gelatin plate I made myself, but I would love love to have one of these! Your prints look awesome!

Sandi T

Wow! This is fabulous! Such a gorgeous creation as always. This is the first time that I've heard of this. Tks. for sharing and for a chance to win!


likey likey xx


I've never used one of these before. Thanks for the opportunity!

cristi clothier

I've would love to try this myself! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

B @ Sweet Limes

I've been wanting to try these plates for the longest time so count me in. Looks like you're having heaps of fun with them yourself.


How fun!! I never heard of this, but I checked out the video on their website and it is so cool! I'd love to see a video of you using it! Thanks for sharing!

lisa crofts

love this dina. you make everything your own. I love your twist on things


Oh, oh, oh, look at all that lucious color! Yes please, through my name in the pile!
Thank you!


Gelatin plate printing is a fabulous experience. I just love it.
And your print is absolutely gorgeous.


My stash definitely needs a gelli plate! As always, the way you incorporate new products into your art is awesome! Thank you for sharing with us!

Luisa Atkinson

Oh my goodness, I want a gelli pad so much! Thanks for enabling my artists within Dina.

Janet Ghio

This page is gorgeous-love the color and the layers. Would love a chance to win a gelli plate!!


I have been curious about these since you started using them. Thanks! :) Your colors and layering is beautiful!


Your page is so beautiful !


Dina, your colorful inspiration starts my day with ideas. I took a gelatin printing class last spring and would love to do it more without the mess!

debbie McIntyre

Need a gelli plate! Love the page and your color choices are always perfect. Thanks for the chance to win.

Marilyn J. Rock

Terrific Gelli plate prints! So alive with colors and patterns. Thanks for the opportunity on the chance to win a plate!

So cool...I've never heard of these before! After watching their demo video, I'm in love!!
Thanks for the chance!


I have heard great things about the Gelli Plate. Your designs are wonderful! Thank you for this opportunity.

So cool...I've never heard of these before! After watching their demo video, I'm in love!!
Thanks for the chance!


Christy S. aka emeraldvalkyrie

Thank you for a chance to win a Jelli plate. I have never tried one and would just love to! As always, i find you work very inspiring! Thank you for the great content on your blog. :)


wow the results with the gelli plates just look stunning Dina, and such fantastic colours too
thanks for the chance of winning some...would be great to try out the gelli plates



This looks like a fun way to create backgrounds!

Lynda Warder

Dina, I have your stamps and really look forward to your book in 2013! good luck with that! hugs, Lynda

Linda K

I want to own a gelli plate so badly and am especially inspired by all your vibrant, beautiful prints!! Thank you and Nancy so much for the chance to win !


I love your gelli plate backgrounds. They look such fun to do. I don't think they're on sale in the UK (fingers crossed they will be soon!)


Me too! I love the look of this and want to learn more.

Susan Burtchell

Oooh, exciting. Would love to win. Beautiful page, also. Thanks for the opportunity. Susan


Love your page. I would love to have one of these!

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