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August 10, 2012


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Disco Queen

Hi Dina, this canvas is stunning.

Carolyn Dube

I love the contrast of her standing still with all the movement in the background with the raindrops and the chevron and the drips! Here's what I did for this week. Not sure what is happening in my head but I have been going with more space for the eye to rest with this challenge than I usually do.

Sue W.

Not gonna be last to post THIS week!!! I love your canvas. Almost looks like I was channeling you in my creation!


Dina, your paintings are always amazing! You make it look so easy. I made a painting on paper this week, with watercolors and then embellished with markers.

Hi Dina! I'm so glad I found your blog! Your an awesome artist!

Laura Spano

OOps- I think I linked to the wrong post! I love this canvas and the other one as well!) Here's my link-


I bought a 6x12 canvas and took it out of its wrapping last night. Does that count? LOL!
I actually have a plan for it(maybe it will be ready for next Friday).
I really like the bright colors in your canvas today.


Loving your canvas this week. Your work is always so bright and colourful which is something I really struggle with, sludgy colours are definitely my comfort zone. Me thinks I need a few more classes with you!

Here's my link for week 2


love the textures on your canvas dina!! really enjoyed creating is my multi media canvas. x


I LOVE all the textures on this artwork and your Lonely Girl stamp is super. Fantastic colours too, this has a real urban look to it.

I enjoyed Week 2, here's mine.....


Michelle Mathey

I love how you can have so many layers and textures but it always comes together in an aesthetically pleasing composition!! You are so brave! LOVE your work!
Here is my attempt at Abstract Painting -

Terrie: Creative Explorer

Finally got some paint splashed on my canvas! It's definitely a work in progress, but I wanted to play along! I can't wait to see everyone else's efforts..... See mine at

Chris Rowe

ohhhhh I just love your canvas Dina!! I was hoping to do something a bit more abstract this week BUT it just didn't happen. Seems my brain is only working in one direction. Anyhoo you can see my offering here :-

Teresa Jaye

Awesome canvas Dina! Here's mine!


Love your work Dina. I have been drawing faces, many faces, since your class a couple of weeks ago. This is what I came up with this week.

donna louise rodgres

love the bright geometric shapes and Attitude of your canvas -

- this time I did use a canvas, and I really enjoyed using stamping as a main aspect of the collage.

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