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August 03, 2012


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Awesome..........Beautiful work!!!


Love the colours and the expression on the girl' face.


Great painting! Here's mine:


Okay - I'm going to play. I just bought a 6x12 canvas and have a plan for it. Plus, I'm taking an Alisa Burke class this month which should give me some ideas.


Hey Dina, I'm joining in the fun. Here's my link:

Lin x

Michelle Mathey

Thanks for the inspiration!!
I put some of my gelatin prints into frames - where people can see them! Go figure!


Hi Dina, Here's the link to my first Out of the Journal canvas.... It was fun! Thanks for the challenge!


i was getting far too comfortable doign mixed media in my journal, thanks for the challenge...


Your face is really rather fabulous - LOVE those colours and her expression. I too tried a face but, of course, with rather less skill and style!! I totally enjoyed taking part, thank you for the inspiration :)

See you next week!


Oh yes, mine's here:


Ok with a deep breath, here is the link to my blog:

Laura Spano

Hi! Thank you so much for posting this challenge and for your inspiration. Here's my take!

Laura Spano

OOps....trying again!

Chris Rowe

I'm a bit late but I got there in the end. Loving your faces... I am gonna have to have a go at at doing some loose ones and not taking it so seriously. You always seem to have such fun with your art x

Mine is here

Laurie Baker

love it! when are you coming to texas to teach the faces class?
i want to take it!

here is mine for the week! i am a little late!

Laura Spano

I'm a sucker for red hair- love it! Thank for letting me play- here's mine-

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