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August 17, 2012


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Carolyn Dube

I love how she pops against the background! All the texture and color in the hair is fabulous! Here's my link for this week

Sue W.

I don't see any proportion issues! I think your lady is quite lovely.

Here's my contribution to this weeks challenge:


I think she's lovely. The texture, depth and colors are fantastic!


just fabulous, so much strength and vibrant colours. here is my canvas.
really enjoying the out of the journal project. x


here is my canvas for this week:


Hey, her eyes look matched to me! ;) Here's my first contribution to the challenge:

Jennifer Williams

Beautiful! The colors are so vibrant. What paints are you using?


She's very cool - great skin tone, colours and she's got 2 eyes!!

I'll be back tomorrow with my canvas,



Well I think she is wonderful Dina and you have inspired me to try and be a bit more loose and try a more grungy style girl too so thank you x
Mine are here :-

Laura Spano

Well, whatever proportion issues you had, I like them! Her eyes just draw you in and I love the colors you chose- she pops right off the background. Here's mine for this week.

Michelle Mathey

Love the peeks of the paper underneath and her hair is fabulous!!
Here's my canvas play for the week -


Hi I'm back with my link for this week's Our of the Journal canvas



that'd be Out of the Journal :/


Here's my link to this week's contribution.......this has been so much fun!And as for your girl.....she's a stunner.....fabulous eyes!!

Michelle Webb

I love that blue and flesh tones, your paintings always make me smile Dina. X
I've done an out of the journal canvas too, although I haven't painted a face on this one.

Marjie Kemper

I think she's fabulous. I really can get lost admiring all your layers! Here's mine in the right place :-)


Love her!

Jessica Sporn

I love your ladies. They remind me that I have to get more adventuresome with skin tones. Here's my canvas -- "Live in Love!"

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