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July 04, 2012


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jenn shurkus


Julie Kirk

So true.

I'm speaking as someone who had a deadline today and who is sooooo very glad to have made the effort last week to scribble down some notes even when I didn't want to. Made picking it up again - and completing it - so much quicker and simpler.

Remind me to always do that!

Love this piece - I have a thing for circles!



So true! Getting my grubbies on to tackle some dusty piles.


Smart man, Mark Twain! Love the color and texture! Happy July 4, Dina!

Carol P

Love this piece and I love the quote...oh so true! That is my goal this summer to get started on some things I have been longing to do for too long.

Carol P

Ooops! Forgot to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July!


Well said! Seeing this just makes me happy!

Sue W.

Great colors. Just wow!

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