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July 05, 2012


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So beautiful, and SO TRUE! ^_^

Kim Beinschroth

Love it. Makes me wanna get messy in my studio, right now! ;)

Cristi Clothier

Wow! Just wow! This is fabulous! Thank you for sharing it with us.

Sue Roddis

Interesting quote.......used in a fab fashion:)


I really love your work

Carol P

Love, love, love this page! The colors are so vivid they jump right off of the screen. Thanks for sharing.


Art, beautiful art!

Sue W.

I love this!!!

Kathryn in Benicia by the Bay

Making a Blick trip today…Shared the stabilo "magic pencil" with my gal pal's son. He is a starving college student and doesn't always get to splurge. It is so fun to see what he is creating with the same tools.

Kelly Turner

Hi Dina, Just lovin' all your inspirational quotes these days! And of course all your art work is always a treat! Thanks for taking the time to share! It's always an inspiration! I am counting the days for your book to come out! I already reserved my copy! Have a fabulous day!

Cheryl L

I'm digging the hot pink... what paint do you use?

Denise Hicks

You are such a great person. You also make me laugh. Thank you for sharing your work.

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