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July 30, 2012


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marti {pezadoodle}

sounds fun dina! i am in!


I may actually have time this year to join in the exciting!!!

Lin x

Sue W.

Hmmm...sounds interesting. I think I may join you!


fabulous idea..fabulous canvases!


Love the idea! I am in! Maybe I will do a face print! LOL


Sounds like loads of fun!


Oooh this sounds good...I have a stack of prepped canvases sitting...good excuse to get them finished!!!
Kirsti xx

Chris Rowe

ooooh Yeh I'm in... I need something to get my mojo going. What a fab idea!! Chris x

Françoise Melzani

love this idea ! I try to do every week


This looks like fun, and just what I need to stretch myself :)

carole Chisholm

Sounds great - Hope I can keep up...You know me Dina, I'm not known for being over confident!

Barbara Albrecht

Sounds like fun but don't know if I know how to do this...will you have tutorials?

Michelle R

You know my answer! Looking forward to the push & inspiration I need to get show work completed!


I'm in...sounds fun! It will be the relief that I need as I am "on call" for the entire month of Aug for Federal Jury duty...ugghhh!


Maybe I will - although I'd be happy to be doing an art journal page a month in August! I've been doing lots of photography and sketching this year. My poor journals are feeling very unloved.


Oh yeah, sounds like fun! Count me in! When do we start? Will there be a theme or is it 'artist's choice'?


YES!! I'll be back on 5 August after a vacation...

Sherrie J

I would love to join you!!

Carol P

I am going to jump in and say yes to this. Excited to see everyone's work!!! I start back to work tomorrow...bummer! but I am not going to let that be an excuse to miss this.

Camilla Olsson

Oooh! I Love your Canvases. Hope to get the room I craft in cleaned so I can begin! I so so love this Idea!

Hilary Frye

I love challenges! I'm in! Thanks for hosting this, Dina!

Marlene Moore

I love the picture of all of your canvases together, they are great. Will see if I can keep up as I enjoyed watching you do this last year.

Hilary Frye

Dina, will you have a blog button/banner image for this?


Talk about going outside the box, this will be a challenge for me but I would love to try. Thanks for the opportunity to push myself.


Adore your canvases - so bright and the layers, ooh the layers. I have played with canvases a little bit with mixed results. Have been watching some you tube videos for doing canvases lately. Might just have to come and play.

Nicole Maki

I'm in!

I missed it last year and I can't wait to participate this time.

Michelle Mathey

WHOO HOO! Sounds like a blast!! I remember when you did the canvases last year and was so intimidated by that thought - this year I want to play!! Count me in -

Jenny Petricek

Sounds like fun! I am always a bit intimidated by canvas and afraid of the unfixable mistake (which is really nonexistent in mixed-media, since you can always cover over anything not to your satisfaction!), but this might be just the thing to challenge me to jump in with both feet! Will stay tuned for more info!

Kelly Turner

I am in! It will be interesting to see how they differ from last years!

Carol Mc

Sounds fun. I'm going to give it a


sounds like a briliant idea, i'm up for a challenge. it is the summer holidays and so i'm not working...lots of crafting time!! x

Carolyn Dube

This is the kind of challenge I need right now!! It will be so much fun to see everyone's work!


I'll be on vacation for half of August, but I've been doing a LOT of work on loose 400 series I'll probably be down for this! I'll be painting and creating my whole vacation, and I REALLY need to set aside an hour or so a day for art....I'm so bogged down with packaging orders or doing ebook work, etc, that I can go long without making anything for ME! I had fun doing this last year and would love to try again!


I am totally going to try and get in on this! I always start out strong, then...well, ya know! But, I'll try to be good and do one every week!


sounds great i dont have canvas but do have plenty of paper am out of town away from most of my stuff but will start when i return loved your workshop in 21 secrets

Laura Spano

Yes! This looks awesome - just what I needed to challenge myself- Can't wait to get started. Thank you!!!


Definately game for this! Can't wait to get started, tho it's been a busy week..... So I'm gonna get started tomorrow and see how Fri and Sat go..... Great idea.


Sounds like a great challenge - but fun! Will try as well.

Marjie Kemper

Sounds like fun! Love the peek of all the ones you did last year... gorgeous colors!

Margaret Dinn

I am looking forward to doing it.


Hi Dina, I did join in but on watercolour paper rather than canvas, hope so long as it is 'out of the journal' it is okay?


Marjie Kemper

I'm in! Really enjoyed doing this. Thanks for the inspiration, Dina.


I'm slow joining but put me in!

Jessica Sporn

Gonna join up. Coming here via Carolyn Dube's blog. Sounds like so much fun and I can't wait to see everyone's work. Shared inspiration is the best!

Teresa Jaye

I'm gonna give it a whirl! one a week - eeeek that's a challenge!
Here is my first one, can't wait to see everyone's work!

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