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April 02, 2012


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Helen Lindfield

Sounds like you had a wonderful time- the art looks amazing. Look forward to seeing more of the 3rd class.

Sue Roddis

LOve love love your Jesse Reno piece..........sooooooooooooo funky:)


i love your jesse reno piece of art......what fun to have a class with him.....of course the others are wonderful also.......but i love jesse.... ;-)

Mary much goodness here!
You shined through each different process!


Oh wowser! Lucky, lucky you! Your arty pieces look amazing Dina, so glad you got to go to Artfest :D x x x


I've always wanted to take a class with Jesse Reno, but they're usually way above my budget. Lucky you to study with him!


Your painting is amazing! I love Judy Wise and plaster. In should get that book.

Dawn DeVries Sokol

LOVED creating with you in Orly's class! We definitely need to try to get together soon...I know life is crazy, though, so no worries!

Marlene Moore

Wow! I love all of the pieces you made. I have been to the last 2 Artfests but did not get to go this year.

Ronda Palazzari

ohhh sounds like a blast! Seriously lime green with envy!

Sarah Anderson

I am sooooooooooooo jealous!

Annie Froese

Hi Dina! It was sooooooo great to meet you in person in Orly's class! Wow! It was such a wonderful surprise to realize it was YOU, ..... "THE Dina Wakley" whose work I've always admired in publictions. It's good to see some of the pictures of the other two classes you took. I had wanted to be in Jesse's Saturday class as well, however by the time I registered that was no longer an option. Great work!
I also wish Artfest was more than a three-day retreat. I did not get to do all the things I wanted to do, including journalling with you in 10E! Thanks for that generous offer though. I thought you and your friend, KL, needed some "catch-up" time together. You look like great friends! And now I wish you lots of energy and joy as you work on your projects Dina! Perhaps someday our paths will meet again. Until then, keep living a joy-filled, creative life!
Annie Froese

Dona McGilvary

OMG! I love this art. I have done some paintings on cardboard: graffiti art, mixed media and some still life's, but this is fabulous!

I sell art on Etsy, my shop is called Painterlywhims, so named by my granddaughter. She is an artist also, using pastels.
Best wishes,
Dona McGilvary
aka Dee

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