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April 27, 2012


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Am thrilled for you! What an exciting day! I hope that it won't be long before the final 'on the shelf version' is in your hand! Much love x mwah!

carole Chisholm

So happy for you! you did it!!! Can't wait to see the final published version :-)


I am eagerly awaiting the release of your first book! Congrats!


Really excited. But my credit card is groaning 'cos Dyan is doing a book too and I can't have one without the other!

Shannon Baker

So excited to see it! I know it'll be fantastic!

Carol P

That's great! I am so happy that you have that stress lifted. I can't wait to see your book in my hot little excited!!!
May you have a uplifting weekend full of creativity and friends. So wish I could be there. Happy stamping!


Congratulations Dina! Your success is so well deserved!


I am so pleased for you! And of course so looking forward to buying it. The portrait is beautiful. I so love the look in her eyes and the green of it.

Kelly Turner

WOW, what an accomplishment! That must feel fabulous! Congrats! Do you have a projected date of release or can you reveal it, so we can have a light at the end of the tunnel....we have been waiting ...patiently? Well, maybe not, but I am soooo excited for you and for me to get to read and see all that you do! Never can get enough, so exciting to see things evolving as they are for you, You are working hard! Thank you! Take care and Take time for you somewhere in that crazy schedule of yours!

rental mobil

Very nice, thanks for sharing.


Congratulations to you! I'm not familiar...yet...with what you've been up to, but I've just enrolled in 21 Secrets and am delighted that you're teaching a workshop!

Dyan Reaveley

yaayyyyy I know her, the one that wrote that frikkin awesome book, yes I know her.woop woop. xxx

Gutsy Arts Girl

What a great feeling when you accomplish another milestone - hope you allow yourself the opportunity to relish in that before you JUMP into the next huge milestone. :-)
Been thinking a lot about the space in music - how necessary it is for there to be NO NOTES PLAYED, so I can hear the notes that are.
love this pic by the way!

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Di-na're a SUPERSTAR!

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