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March 21, 2012


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I'd LOVE this. Thanks Dina for all that you do! :) Seriously I could stare at that piece for hours and still not count how many layers are there!


this looks like an amazing publication from your friend rhonda. The canvas is really gorgeous, love all the different mediums and layers.


what a cool book to win!! would love to learn some new stuff!!

Susan Tidwell

This book looks fantastic. Would love to win!

Stacy Caddy

Would love to win a copy, this books looks so interesting... Thanks for the chance...


The flowers are amazing! So many fun and inspiring things going on. Canvas love! :)

cindy b

I love Ronda's style of crafting so inspiring.


You know I love layers!
Would love to win the book.


I love layers!

Irene Hamil

This book sounds fabulous! So happy Ronda's putting it out!


Hope I get a chance to see a copy of 'The Art of Layering' in Australia real soon.


I have a few favourite art books to which I constantly return. At the moment it is Doodles Unleashed by Traci Bautista and Surface Treatment Workshop by Darlene Olivia Mc Elroy and Sandra Duran Wilson. I never seem to have enough of them. I also regularly buy Somerset publications.

Marja Seidemo

Oh, i would love to have that book;-) Keeping my fingers crossed...


The book looks awesome, I could sure do with learning how to layer ;) Thanks for the chance to win!


oh, this book looks great, thanks for this chance!


The book looks very interesting, I would love a chance to win it, I could do with some inspiration at the moment, the mojo is very low!

EK White

Love all the sneak peaks, especially this one! Thanks for entering me!

Michelle Webb

Oh count me in on this one, the more layers the better! Michelle x


I can see some very beautiful and interesting backgrounds. Love to learn how they are made.


I need to google blog hop. I've seem them around but really not sure what they are. Lovely book too. Would love to win that and see if it can offer anything to my art work. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!


Would love a copy of that book! The more inspiration, the better to help me get started again!

Michelle Tan

WOW! That canvas is amazing! I would love to win a copy of Ronda's book!


Love the amazing texture on the canvas! I would love to learn more from Ronda's techniques. Thanks for a chance to win this inspiring book.


WHOA. Hands down, Great Love Canvas is the best project I've seen so far from the sneaks!


Wow, love those flowers, and I would love the book

Disco Queen

Hi Dina, thankyou so much for always bringing us so much inspiration & for supporting your fellow artists. I find layering so beautiful & so difficult to achieve. To have a copy of Rhonda's art of layers book would really help me to develop my skills. To have a signed copy would be a dream come true.


Wow! Thanks for the Chance to win! Adore Layers!


Wow.. this book looks super!!! A must have...

ana manzana

i love ronda's style!
thanks for the chance


Looks like this book would be a great add to my library. Been following Rhonda's blog for a while now and love the inspiration. Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

Rebecca Lovell

Wow! This looks like an amazing book!! Thank you so much for the chance to win it!

Theresa Grdina recommended this book to me! It looks great! I would love to win it.

Melita Blake

This book looks fantastic, I would love a chance to get my inky, painty hands all over it!


Beautiful sample you shared! Thanks for the chance to win! I hope to one day take one of your classes!

Nancy Sapp

Love your blog, Dina! I'd love a chance to win Ronda's book. I need all the inspiration I can get.

jane w.

Oh man I am just drooling over here at the chance to win this awesomest book! lol Thanks for the inspiration here (your blog) and the chance to win the book!

margaret in AZ

This book looks great; I don't get layering and/or embellishing. So, I NEED this book!!! :::wonder where the last of the birthday $$$ is::::


Looks like a great learning tool! I would love one. Perfect for weekend play time!!


Just love Ronda's style. Her book looks full of inspiration1

Alison C.

That Great Love Canvas looks so cool! Amazing!


Love to win, thanks for sharing these lovely inspirations!!


Awesome book. Awesome opportunity. Thanks!


Ronda is FANTASTIC!! Would love to win her book. Fingers crossed :))

Cindy K

Would love this book. Love your blog Dina!
Cindy K

Jan B

I'd love yo win Ronda's book! Thanks for the chance. :)

Cathy P

Thanks for the chance to win the book. Looks like fun.

Kathy Weeks

This book looks great! I would love to win!!


Love your blog! THanks for the opportunity to win Rhonda's book!

Maggie M

So happy to see you in this blog hop. The Art of Layering looks like a fabulous book - so, of course I'd love to win it! In the meantime, I continue to admire your work and blog posts:)

Geri Lynn

Oh my gosh - this is just the guide I art seems so one dimensional! Thanks for helping guide us new artists!

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