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March 01, 2012


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Oh yes I want want want !!! They are incredibly awesome stamps and I enjoyed using them in your class in Florida!!
Couldn't buy them all there so would love to win them here!

Irene Hamil

Dina, I love your style ever since I saw you as a guest on Scrapbook soup! Thanks so much for doing these blogs, very inspiring!

Lianne Gray

oh how awesome Dina, I seriously LOVE your stamps.

Your stamps are awesome! I would be over the moon to win a set! Thanks for the opportunity!


Love your stamps. They are awesome!!!!! How I`d wish I would win some!!!

marianne b

What an awesome giveaway! I'm a big fan Dina! =)

Anita Gerlinsky

Wow! I would love to be the owner of these wonderful stamps


omg! you have no idea how much i'd love to win these... they're on my "to buy" list. thanks for the chance!


They are wondeful!
I hope I will be the happy winner!


I love so much how to use colors and your stamps too... Even if it' s almost impossible, i hope to win =) kisses Lea

Linda A.

Wow, what an awesome give-away! I have just started art journalling and can't think of anything I would rather have to add to my pages. I love your all the things you create.

Maureen Conway

Happy Days are here again. I'd love to win. thank you for your generous contest.

Michelle Webb

Oh Dina, I have everything crossed. Thank you so much for the chance to win your unbelievable stamps. Michelle x


How exciting!!!!! Thanks for the chance to win.

Valerie H. Wilson

Oh, don't they look delicious! I just love your stamps - so inspirational!!
Thank you for the chance to win them!
Best wishes,
Val :)

Nancy Johnston

Whoo-hoooooooooooo! I'd give anything to get these in my hands. I've drooled over them for ages, and I have yet to get any. Love your work and inspiration!


how generous! would LOVE to win.


What an amazing giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity to win your gorgeous stamps!


I absolutely ADORE your stamps, but don't have any..... isn't that sad?
Would be great if I'd win LOL
Thanks for the chance!!

Elin Åhsberg

Ohhhh I LOVE your stamps and your work!!! I keep My fingers crossed and hope they will take a trip to Sweden:)

ally bright

Wow what an amazing giveaway!!!! Your stamps are amazing.


They look so pretty. Great Giveaway. Thank You!

Donna O'neil

Those stamps look great! Thanks for the chance.

Anne Marie H.

They are wonderful!!! Would love a chance to win them!


Such cool stamps, can't wait to get my hands on some. Thanks for the give away.

Carolyn Dube

What a generous giveaway! I can't wait to see your next set of stamps- this batch is amazing!

Karen Bearse

Love your stamps-I have just a couple but the others have been on my list!!!! I really like the color combinations you use in your art-so original & great inspiration. Thanks!


I am absolutely addicted to your e-courses and your works, can't get enough of them, truly, and look forward to more. It is really too bad I live in Toronto, would really love to attend your workshop one of these days.
I will be insane thrilled to win your funcky stamps as I really love what you do with them!! Thanks for the chance.


Holy Crap Batman!!! REally! WoWZERS!! Thanks for the chance to win your stamps, it would be a WONDERFUL Day Indeed if I WON!


Thank you for the giveaway1 Would love to win!

Marie-France Boulay

Oh wow, i love your stamps, this is so my type!!! You have great ideas!!!

Jane S

Oh so amazing. Great giveaway. Would love to have your beautiful artwork on my journal. Can't wait to see your new designs. Jane S

Lynna Demay

Awsome stamps. Thank you for the chance to win.


So exciting! thanks for being so generous.


Your stamps are amazing. Whoever wins is one lucky person. Thanks for the chance!

Diane Scott

How fun! Just found your page and LOVE your stuff! Thanks for the inspiration> :)


I have just enjoyed your fabulous class at Art From The Heart. It was great to use your stamps & I would love to own them. Thank you for the opportunity to win them.


Wow...What an amazing gift to my muse this would be. I shall hope and cross all of the body parts that I can. Thanks for the chance.


They are awesome. LOVE!

Michelle Reaves

WOW! I've just discovered your work and your Designs are fabulous! I'm new to Art Journaling and loving the whole new world it's opening up for me. Thank you for the chance to win!

cheri russo

I just started getting into art journaling and found you! Your stamps and art are amazing! Thank you for this chance to win your stamps!!! And thank you for sharing your talents with us!

Karen D

Wow Dina, how wonderful! I just love your stamps and following your blog. Needless to say I would love to win these stamps. Cheers!!!!

Deborah Carter

All I can say is WOW! Running to the store now to the the latest on your published work! Thank you for sharing!

Dara Lynn

My dear....these stamps are going to be BESTSELLERS!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations on a fantastic stamp line!!!!!

Reva Petersen

I would GLADLY go without Christmas, birthday, and Mother's Day presents for the next five years to win these stamps! Seriously, I am newly trying to get into art journaling, and cannot sketch worth spit, so I have to rely on stamps to do that for me. The problem is, the boatload of stamps I already have are more for cards, and don't really translate well into art. So, I am having to start over somewhat in gathering supplies, and stamps like Dina's are at the TOP of my list! So please, please, please, please, please, random number generator, pick ME!!!!

A Facebook User

There is nothing like your awesome stamps out there,in fact I was going online to order some and came across this! hope I win!!!


oh my gosh.. love your stamps.. would love to have some.. love to have them all! crossing my fingers here xo bonitarose in fargo

Robin Orewiler

Wow - what a great giveaway!!! THANKS!

Nancy S

Fabulous stamps, inspiring knock em dead color palettes!
Love your style!

Karen Searle

Far out what a totally amazing giveaway!!! I have drooled often over my computer screen at your stamps lol, hopefully one day I will be lucky to own them :) Thanks Dina! Cheers from Australia.

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