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March 01, 2012


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Gayle (@alteredorchid)

Oh please please pretty please!! They're GORGEOUS :-)


Jippieeeeh. I will wait until the 12thn than to go to my favourite shop and buy your stamps...maybe I am lucky this time? Thank you so very much!


Hard to lay hands on your BEAUTIFUL stamps here in Belgium! That's why I take my chance here :)


that woke me up even better than my morning coffee! Sweet giveaway!!


oooh - that heart stamp is my favourite! (I sounded like Will Ferrel in 'Elf' then, didn't I?). gorgeous stamps, and very generous of you to give them away!

Theresa Grdina

YIPPEE! I love your stamps and would LOVE to win!! Thanks for sharing!!


Oh My God!! What a nice gesture of you! I love your stamps!
Sorry, my english sucks and is quite dificult to me to write...
Best regards from Brasil


How fantastic! and what an amazingly generous give-away.
Your work is so inspirational and your stamps so unique. So, I am just hoping...............

Carol P

Oh my gosh! I would love to win these. I love all of your images so much and would be honored to give them a home. A friend of mine would benefit also since I have a couple of your stamps already, I would have to share the with me you would actually pick 2 winners at once. Sounds like a deal doesn't it. OK, I know it is random but the drawing is on my friends birthday so that might give me a little luck. Thanks for the opportunity to win. Good Luck everyone!


Oooh! Great giveaway! And even greater that more are coming. Thanks for the chance to win.


With an offer like that how can one refuse Dina, Thanks so much for a chance to win your amazing beautiful stamps . Good luck everyone :O)


I would love to win these stamps and be inspired to create!


I too love your stamps, and so far have only managed to purchase one. So the whole set would be A M A Z I N G ! Have a great week!

Petra Offrell

Love your stams and I feel lucky :)


i would simply have to lock myself away for a week to play if i won this!! but PLEASE don't tell my boss as i will be 'sick'.. yah that's it.. simply totally contagious!!!..

but i wonder how i would explain all the inkiness on my fingers when i go back to work.. thinking thinking..


What a fabulous giveaway - those stamps are incredible!


Awesome giveaway! Love your stamps :) Thanks for the chance to win!


Needless to say I would be THRILLEDoutOFmyMIND to win these awesome stamps. Thank you for the chance!


Love them all, Yes, Please and Thank YOU!


Ohhh wow !! Would love to win these !! Love love love your stamps !!


Wow! You r generous. Thank you for a chance to receive you stamps!


Wow! These are hard to find in my area!! This is
so generous! Thanks for the opportunity.


How can you part with such lovely things? I know that we will all offer to give them a nice home, and we will... we promise! So I will cross my fingers and hope you pick my little home! Thank you Dina for your generosity x


My journal needs these! Would LOVE to win this set.

Becky S.

I would love to receive your stamps. I missed out on your class at Whim so doodle last month. I have heard great reviews of them from lots of my stamper friends. Keep up the great work!


Great stamps, I can see lots of fun projects, my teenage art girls would love using these ! ! !

Liane Townsend

I would love to own all your stamps!!! How generous of you! I am so grateful to have your artistic stamps available to everyone so that we can add unique creativity to our artwork. Keep them coming!!!

Cim Allen

Your stamps rock, that would be sweet to grab the set ! Thanks for the chance to win .. have a great day !!

Renee Stien

i love your stamp line - thank you for the chance to win!


I'm new to your blog. Looks like my timing is right on, these are awesome stamps.

Janet Ghio

What a fabulous giveaway!!

angi b

i commented but i don't know what happened to it (?) please don't disqualify me if i show up twice! these are FABULOUS Dina! would love to have these (autographed would be awesome, thank you.... ) i hope i win, but you could also just pick me - no one would know! lol.

Account Deleted

I would LOVe to win of your stamps, Dina. My fingers are crossed!!


for reals?! wheeeeee!!! thanks Dina!


Wow! New designs coming????? That's the best news! I love your stamps!


Wow! How fun! I am a big heart lover too! Thanks for this opportunity, Dina!


I just love your stamps Dina . I was about to buy some of them... but I'll wait a little. I might be the lucky one ;-))



Suzie Cross

Wowee, Dina how very sweet & generous of you! I ADORE your stamps but just have not been able to get my hands on any of them...yet :-) Maybe I will be a lucky duck & win! Thanks so much!

April Hall

YAY!!!! I would love to add these to my collection!

Lauren E

Oh, this made my heart go pitter patter! How fabulous would it be to win this giveaway! Thanks for the chance.

Kathryn Johnson

Wow! I love your stamps, and so want them all.

Kelly B.

Holy giveaway, Batman! You are amazing! I'm still talking about your class I took a few weeks ago in Florida. Thanks so much for the chance to win.


thank you for the awesome giveaway
hypersky5 at hotmail dot com

Marleen van Meerendonk

Are you kidding me??
Woohoo it would be awesome if you pick me!!
Love al your stamps!
Hug and greets from the Netherlands (when are you coming???)
Marleen x.


Love, love your stamps, especially the image with the text on them.


I love your blog! I check in every day!

Debbie Blanken

I would love a chance to win your stamps - they are wonderful
Love reading your blog


My heart just skipped a beat when I read that the giveaway was for ALL TEN. Seriously- wow! So very wonderful!

Good luck to everyone!


Love your stamps ... would love to use them in my art. Thanks for the chance!

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