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March 27, 2012


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this was my FAVORITE video of the set and the most helpful concept for me to incorporate into my work! thanks for giving us another peek into your creative process!


It was my favourite one as well


Thank you thankyou thank you for the video and your husband totally rocks. Cant wait for the classes

Susie LaFond

Thanks for sharing this Dina. Just watching you made me want to run down and dig around in my scrap stash which is sitting right on my art table along with all my paints as well as my spray inks, course I love all your techniques and ideas so it's easy to get excited even if it's just to get 'warmed' up. Wonderful vid. I really, really need to order a couple of your stamps. I told myself no new art supplies but that girl stamp you used is one of my all time favorite images of yours. I will add to my ever growing wish list. VBG!!!!!!


Patiently waiting . . .
I loved the video for jump start, though I'm a bit ashamed to admit it's the only one I watched in that series! LOL!

ana manzana

love it!!!

Amy O'H.

I *love* this video! Thanks for sharing such great tips and techniques!

Jan B

Wow, Dina, THANK YOU! That was SO helpful. I'm totally going to start doing that. Now, if only you could tell me the secret of how you get so many dang points in Blitz! ;)

Marina Haddad

Dina, WOW! Thank you so much for sharing this video. Just by watching it, it made me want to try and go scrapbooking! You, your work, your videos, are wonderful sources of inspiration.

Debbie M

Thanks so much for posting this! It does happen to everyone and it is so easy to get out of the routine of making art that when you sit down the creative juices just don't flow like they used to. This is a wonderful tip to get you back in that mind frame! Thanks!

Coral Lee

Love the behind the scenes/process video and the idea of getting our creativity fired up. Sitting down to your desk with the excitement quickly fading when you have no idea where to start - love the warm up idea.

I use tags to wipe off my excess paint when working in my journals - was so nice to see what you do with yours and love the idea of a mini book to absorb paint, inks and prints.

Thank you for sharing.
Hugs - Coral.


I watched your Jump Start video the other day and was able to use your warm-up ideas tonight before I worked on a project in my art journal. It helped free me to just let it go and let it be. I didn't think as much about my journal page either. Thank you!

lynda howells

I am so glad l saw this video...the funny thing is l have always done the same sort of warm up exercise before l create. Also l have just started teaching again and have started this with my students. Love your tagsxxlynda


Wow, such a great video (have been looking online already for boxes of manilla tags!!). I tried the jumpstart but the passwords never worked :-( so its great to see your, thanks.



thanks for sharing this! I was inspired to paint up a few tags and even paint with paper. I don't know that I made anything I'll use but it was nice to get the hands dirty!!

Renee Zarate

Thanks for making this video, it really gave me some great ideas!

Lisa Sackett

I just recently started adding art journaling into my repertoire and Love it! Doing a little research, I came across bloggers talking about your blog in particular so I stopped by. I love this video for jump starting! What a fabulous idea!! Thank you for taking the time to share it, I found it so helpful and wanted to let you know. Love your blog!

Jannette C

Love this video!!!!!!! Makes me to remember how important is to loose the fear of mistakes. Love the concept of warmup and play. Thanks!!!!

Mary Hicken

I was just saying to a friend of mine that my creativity had dried up when another friend sent me your website because you are coming to BizzyB in September. I found this video very helpful, now I am going to see what comes of my warm up!

Mary Hicken

Hi Dina I am fairly clean when I work, but I really want to make a change and explore what I can create when I let go. So here is my first journal page, and I actually loved the way it turned out.
Thanks so much.

Sandra L.

Hi, Dina: Very much enjoyed this video!

Do you have a favorite small journal that you like to use for these type of warm-ups? Something w/paper that will stand up to paint and spray ink?

Thank you!


Hi...I use anything small. The journal in the video is a 7 Gypsies Cahier book. Hope that helps!


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