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February 27, 2012


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Cim Allen

I love them ! That is a cool way to use two tags to make one picture. Too cool !


Great colours as usual! I so love them. I was wondering about these moustaches that I see lots of people playing with on blogs from the States and I saw them on T.shirts too. Is there a story behind it?


your art always makes me smile

Carol P

These are fun! Thanks for sharing. Color is fabulous as always and you look great sporting a mustache! lol

Karen B.

Wow! You are amazing! Love the BLAM! COLOR! to these!

Natalie Elphinstone

You never cease to inspire me with the way you use big bold colours .... the result is always nothing short of spectacular!!


love your tags!! those are so cool!!

Jan B

Your work is so colorful and fun, I love following your blog !


I love your colorful hearts, that's been all I do lately. LOVE LOVE HEARTS RIGHT NOW!!


Seriously cool! Colorful and funky, great job mixing the two products!

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