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December 07, 2011


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Carol P

For some reason your holy mess always looks so great??? Why is that? Oh yeah its because you are such an awesome artist!

Carol Ramsey

O HOLY MESS! Is that sewing machine a 'new' model? Instead of plain white it comes in a decorative motif??? hahahahahahah On the serious side, the colors in the journal are drop dead gorgeous!
I want to EAT THE PAGES!!!!


Hahaha! I was thinking the same thing! What is this sewing machine!!?? Lol!


oh, i am so happy to see this....not only is it awesome art but the mess looks like mt work place......;-)


Looks like my home sweet home! LOVE the sewing machine. I think more pictures of the machine would make us all feel better about our own holy messes. LOL

Amy P

Yep, that's exactly what it looks like here. I call it the ever shrinking workspace!


Love the bright orange and purples on the page... my faves! awesome!


LOL look at that sewing machine, I love it! Love your page in progress, awesome colorcombination.


ROFL And I thought I was the only one who had paint all over her sewing machine! lol Love the shot and those pages look like an awesome beginning!

Susie LaFond

Oh yeah, am loving these pages Dina. VBG!


loving the customised sewing machine . . x


That holy mess must be the key to your amazing creativity.

marianne/skorpionen your sewing machine!!! And can't wait to see more of your pages!


i love this dina! i cannot wait to have you at my studio in june...i already have them banging down the door to register and i havent even opened it up!

Michelle Clement

Oooh - beautiful!! :) I love seeing it with the desk crazy around, because my space looks like that, too. lol. I always laugh at how I have two desks, but end up with a 10 inch square of it that's not covered in stuff...he he.

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