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December 04, 2011


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Love the colors!!

Michelle Mathey

Beautiful work, Dina! That is the best kind of therapy - using your feelings to make gorgeous art with meaning behind it!
BTW - I won your giveaway a few months back ( and I just got to see your segment on television last weekend. It was great!! Your work is always so inspiring - I hope to one day take your classes in person!


I really love your work... so much!

Lisa M. Pace

Awesome! I love your style.


Great face - so expressive. Hoped journaling helped you feel better.

Sue Roddis

I wish wish wish I could write on my pages like you do.......its FABULOUS.....and all the better cos it's therapy too!

Gabriela Seminario

love it!

Julie Weis

wow dina, she is beautiful!! hope it helped!

Carol P

I always love your loose writing - sorry to hear that it is done under distress. I am going to have to try writing like this when I am having a stressful day. Sounds like it might work and I like the privacy of it!!! Love the painting as usual! Hope you had a great holiday and continue to have one through the New Year. Thanks for sharing.

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