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December 24, 2011


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Kirsten Alicia

Gorgeous page. Merry Christmas!!


merry merry christmas my dear friend!
i wuv you!!

Carol P

Wishing you and your family a Christmas full of good memories and laughter. Oh, and good eating too! I am sure you will have all of the above. Love this piece by the way...just gorgeous (as usual). It has been a joy to see all of your work throughout 2011. Looking forward to seeing what 2012 brings. Enjoy and be merry!


Merry Christmas Dina! I'm looking forward to all kinds od creative fun with you in 2012! Enjoy your day tomorrow!

Irene Hamil

Dina, I just saw you on The Spotted Canary TV show and love your style and energy!

Merry Christmas!
Irene in Las Vegas


A very Merry Christmas Dina. Thanks for the holiday jolt of color!!


The colors are all so happy and bright. Merry Christmas to you!

Denise Morrison

Merry Christmas to someone who inspires and delights!

Elise B.

you have a very very lovely heart. i am really enjoying your works and wisdom...thank you.

Roben-Marie Smith

Stunning page, Dina! LOVE the colors!!! :) Happy New Year!


Your dinner sounds lovely Dina. I wished I was in Arizona already... Fourteen days to go. I am counting. We arrive in Phoenix on the 11th of January. Woohzee... I am ready for some sun.
I like your last page very much because it seems confined and working along the rule of thirds. I know art journaling is about breaking rules, but hey, rules do still have their value. I so love your classic handwriting!

April Derrick

I love this page Dina!


Just gorgeous and the colour is vibrant! Love your handwriting too!
Wishing you a very creative and happy twenty12!

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