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September 29, 2011


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Ooooh! I love these!


Dina, it was great to see what you made with the GA products. I'm now a subscriber and can't wait to see what your next venture brings! Cheryl (videographer @ GA) x


wow Dina I absolutely love your style, these are all A M A Z ing..... x


love them all!

Kelly Turner

Just Fabulous! Love the depth that the beeswax brings to your amazing work. Thanks for inspiration! Kelly


I love these! Deceptively simple but so much to see! I've been so busy lately that I haven't had much time to create. I need to fix that.

Sandi Keene

Love the tags with the negative space hearts and text paper behind them. What a great look. So inspiring (which is code for I am so doing that!!)


Hi Dina!
These are WONDERFUL! I actually went and bought a beginner encaustic kit after I saw this post- I have very little mixed media experience but I could NOT pass this up! Thanks for being so inspiring and open to sharing techniques:)


love love love that tag with paper heart cut outs - heartfelt and beautiful (lollol)

Marjie Kemper

Totally gorgeous, Dina! Love your tags and projects. My new iron came (you should get a commission from that site!) in the mail and I am totally pumped to try all the things we learned in your class @ the ink pad.

Linda Cain

Fantastic!!!!! Love them all!!!!!


Carol P

Oh! Oh! Dina! I just love your style. You are just so creative and I love seeing all of the different looks you achieve with so few supplies. They really make an impact. Do you have work for sale anywhere? Love the paper ribbon! Thanks for sharing.

Lynette (NZ)

In love...again :-) - I enjoy your work and these are particularly gorgeous. Loving that combo of colours/papers/hearts/butterflies.

Lynette (NZ)

In love with your tags - those butterfly stamps are so fun, and I'm always inspired by the way you use hearts.




Wow, wow, WOWZAH Dina! So much going on on such a little tag... gorgeous!


I'm in love with your work! awesome!!!


I'm in love with your work! awesome!!!


oh, sorry, I just refreshed the page :)


I adore that tag!


fantastic fantastic...always a candy for me...thanks for that explosion of colors!!!


those are so cool!


I saw the tag on Pinterest and wanted to stop by and tell you how much I love it!

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