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August 31, 2011


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Vickie @ In My Head Studios

How sweet!

Also I love that your sewing machine is splattered with paint!!!


lovely boys!
oh my god! you have so many "pschitt"!!!!!! ;-))

Carol P

I think it looks great...much better than mine at the time. Love the notes from the boys! I'm sure you will enjoy those for years.

Patrice is taking a road-trip Mills

boys are so cooooool . . . ;-)


love your space!


awe.......I love your space too.......a work of art in itself........x

Carrie K

omg...your sewing machine is killing!! its rad!!


I love how your sons are. It reminds me of the day when I got up and found notes from my son in different places such as the fridge and the bread drawer. It really made my day.


oh lovely...I love your boys!!!

Adriana Noleto

My scraproom or whatever one can call it, is always messy. I try hard to put things in the right place, but when I start scrapbooking...
Loved the messages your boys left you. Why sons are so crazy about dymo machine?LOL

Tami Taylor

seriously woman be honest you don't know half the colors of your spray ink do you? you just grab from the front don't ya? LOL I half about 1/5th of what you have and don't remember them!

Sarah Anderson

I am SOOOOOOOOO glad to see someone else has paint on their sewing machine :) And what sweet, sweet boys you have to leave such notes x

Roberta the labels...especially the orange...I'll have to look for some of that ;} Your desk reminds me of Ali's post this week about cleaning her office as well...OMG! I'm laughing at the paint on your sewing machine...too funny!


This work area makes perfect sense to me! You can tell how much you use certain things by how close they are to your work matt. :) Love the multi color dymo- that's fabulous!


I used to have an'art office' until we bought a diff house to live with my mom -- now I am in a fish bowl and have to keep it all straight! can you believe it? so i just emailed a copy of ur office pict and asked hubby if i could have a corner of the shed ..... of course, he would need to add air conditioning and maybe a tv and make sure i have wirelesss... but really, is that too much to ask for my happiness? LOVIN' ur stuff!

Bethany Kartchner

This is so my kind of studio. Love it.


Love your studio. It's so nice to see a studio that is not staged for public consumption. I have an I luv U note from my mom, she passed away in 94. I hide her note in drawers and when I find it, hide it again so I can re-find it. Love those notes from your boys and your paint splattered work mat and sewing machine. Saving this in my favorites.


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