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August 31, 2011


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Tami Taylor

You did awesome! I got 5 of eight and I'm calling it a success given how my august went :)


these are all amazing.. what are u gonna do with all of these? I'm curious.. use them in your home, or sell them or give them away?? I love ea one! hugs xo and omg.. I want everyone of your stamps.. I just wish my pocketbook was bigger... sighs.. I'd love to play with some!


WOW stunning art collection
Thanks for hosting the challenge. It's been so much fun an inspiring

joanne sharpe

Oh Dina, everyone is spectacular!!!!!!!!!!! Just beautiful. xoxoxoo


That is a really vibrant collection of canvases! You should dedicate a wall to these and add more..;-) I'm sorry but no canvases from me this week for the challenge. I just felt the urge to go back to my journal...

Marlene Moore

Wow! they are all just brilliant! wish I had played along but August was busy, busy,busy!

Vickie @ In My Head Studios

Huzzah! That's a stunning collection of work! What a joy that must be to have hanging up instead of tucked in a journal! Inspiring!! I bought some canvases and I plan to use them.

Carol P

They are all fabulous. Holland? You are such a world traveler. I could maybe get to Holland, MI? That is not what you meant I fear.

Marcia Beckett

That is a fabulous collection of paintings! What are you going to do with all of them. I didn't use canvas for all my paintings, since I was a bit budget crunched this month. Here is my latest painting:


These are awesome! I did plan a few more canvases but didn't actually get to them this month. But still happy to have done the four which I previously posted.


Beautiful and vibrant art work! Such yummy colors.

jessica loughrey

i love the way this last one turned out and what an awesome collection. i know just what you mean about it just not clicking, that's exactly what i experienced with one of my last ones and i ended up painting over it too :) i (finally) posted it here: thanks for this challenge, it really pushed me to do something at a time when i've been doing very little.

PJ Taylor

I totally just love you and your journals. So inspiring!

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