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August 20, 2011


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The more i see your journalling pages the more excited i'm getting for the up coming class :O)


Incredible, fun, and sweet!!! love!
Ruth xo


oh is fabulous...I like your creative know how to keep it simple and so unique at the same time...each detail on each page have a special place and each one have a particular layout with humour on your impress me again and again...and you are able to make so much fun stuff with every is always a pleasure to discover your creations...your life of mother with 3 fellas is an inspiration for other young woman to keep in touch with the creative part of themselves ...any way, i admire you for all those reasons...thanks for beeing in my art live!!!


Nice to see these pages Dina. I have always loved your wonderful compositions and willingness to leave space on the always works!

kim smart

i really love the way you're smashbook is coming along! thanks for sharing your process!!

Carol P

Looks fun! Enjoy and thanks for sharing.

Jill Sprott

It may be 110 degrees outside, but these pages are smokin' hot, too! Ha ha! :) You're so talented. I'm always amazed by the way your unique style plays out on the page.

Lay Hoon

Such lovely page !!
Thanks for inspiration.


My new page from the week 3 in "out of the journal challege" finished!
Ruth xo


I love your artwork! smashing! Here is another one of my out of the journal paintings.. it's on paper, but it's still out of a journal!!


Love what you're doing with those! Did you add paint to that first page? Is the paper taking it well?

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